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Support Baby Declan with Group Fitness Classes

Baby Declan needs your help, and with a Fit Fam made up of people like you, we can really make a difference together! Attend one of our speciality group fitness classes on Friday, January 24t in the evening at our Braintree, Kingston, and North Attleboro locations. Or, simply make a donation via venmo to @bill-bettuchi.

Fit Factory isn’t a regular gym… we’re a cool gym.

You thought you were just getting a place to workout when you joined Fit Factory. But we have so much more to offer than you probably even realize.

Sign Up for Group Fitness Classes Online at Fit Factory

Have you ever shown up to a Group Fitness Class expecting to get your sweat on, only to have the class be full?! Such a let down, but we can promise that will never happen again with our Online Class Sign-Up option at Fit Factory.

Fitness for a Cause

Throughout the month of October, Fit Factory is hosting group fitness classes to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

Free Celebration Classes

The Kingston Collection is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this weekend and Fit Factory is joining the party! 

Introducing Everybody Water

Introducing Everybody Water, a new, Boston-based business selling premium water in a carton, supporting clean water projects for people around the world who don’t have access!

Do's and Don'ts for an Effective Workout

Looking for some tips on how to create a successful fitness routine? We've got you covered! 

St. Jude Fitness Friday

Help us raise money for the children and families of St. Jude with special group fitness classes every Friday in September!

How Sleep Improves Lean Muscle Mass

Are you frustrated by the slow increase in your muscle growth despite frequently working out? You may think you’ve tried everything, but have you considered the impact of your sleep habits?

The Connection Between Your Diet and Your Sleeping Patterns

If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly but haven’t seen any progress, you might be forgetting two essential aspects of the fitness pyramid: sleep and diet.

Best Practices for Maximizing Rest and Recovery

How many rest days are you taking each week? And by rest days we mean REST DAYS - where you allow yourself to take a step back from your workouts and let your body to heal.

How to Keep Your Gym Leggings Brand New!


Extend the life of your workout leggings and gym-wear with these quick tips from Fit Factory.

Is eight glasses of water per day enough...?

We all know water is important for us, especially if we are exercising – but how much water should you actually be drinking daily? 

Smoothie Tuesday

Smoothies make the perfect pre OR post workout snack! Check out our favorites that are both delicious and nutritious.

Fitness For A Cause

Our “A Night For Baby Shane” Event was a huge success! Find out how much YOU helped to raise for Shane and his family! 

Workout With Bae!

We're inviting you and bae to workout for free this weekend to spread the love - plus, read up on our Partner Workout iIdeas! 

Personal Training Success Story: Deanna Bruno

Deanna had always wanted to work with a personal trainer, check out what happened when she decided to join Fit Factory and get started!

The Fit Factory Difference

In today's post, we chatted with a member about why she workout out at Fit Factory, and what makes us different than other clubs! 

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