Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle

Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle
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Resistance training is a great option to help improve your muscle tone and improve a lot of different health conditions that an individual could have. You can start out with something that is simple and then progress from there to find the workouts that help to stretch out all of the body while making the muscles stronger. 

Whether you choose to sprinkle the resistance exercises into your traditional routine or you go with a whole workout that includes the resistance, you will find that it makes a big difference in your fitness level. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best variable resistance band exercises that you can use to build muscle.



To start this one, you need to stand in a squat with the legs parallel. Have your knees bent over the toes and then draw your glutes to the levels of your knees. You can also double up the band if you would like a little more resistance to go along with it. You can then hold each end with your arms straight at chest level.  

With this set up, you can begin to pulse the legs, bending and stretching your knees up two inches and down two inches. Find a steady rhythm that you can keep with and then begin to draw the band up overhead and down to the level of your chest, keeping the stomach engaged and the arms strong. 

The knees should be bent the whole time here and your arms should stay in line with the shoulders. You can also change up the rhythm to help increase the amount of burn that you feel in the glutes and legs. For example, consider doing quicker pulses that are one inch up and down. 


Leg Lunges and Overhead Shoulder Presses

You can start this one with one foot that is placed ahead of the other and then bend both of the knees to form a 90-degree angle. This will put you into the lunge position.  

Now you can hold a resistance band with both arms straight and draw the band overhead. You can then begin to bend and stretch the legs, making sure that the knees over the toes, the legs parallel, and your stomach muscles strong, and then work to draw your arms up and down as you do shoulder presses in the lunge.

You can consider doing the shoulder presses and the knee bends together. This allows you to bend the knees and draw the arms down at the same time. You should do this 20 times on each leg. 


Abdominal Curl

Now it is time to do some work on the stomach muscles. To do this one, you should sit in the center of your mat. You can hold the resistance band at level with the chest and have two straight arms. 

From there, you can slowly curl the body down, feeling the abs engage and your spine start to make a curve of a C to form the position. Curl the body up an inch and then down an inch as you do this. 

 It is also possible to switch this up and twist side to side, making sure to squeeze the band out to work the obliques. As you do this, you can wring out the waistline as if you were wringing out water from the towel. You should do 20 to 30 reps of this for the best results. You can mix it all up to get several parts of the abs as you work out with the resistance band. 


Bicep Circles 

Your biceps can use a little bit of work in this as well and the next activity is going to help out with this one. For this one, you can stand with your legs in a parallel position, having them be hip-distance apart.  You will then need to stand on the center of your band and then double up some of the other ends, so they go around the wrists.  

When you are set up and ready to go, you can keep the arms close to the body and start to lift and lower the band. Do this slowly so that you have a chance to squeeze the biceps and get the full resistance on those muscles. 

You can also choose to do this with one arm at a time or with both together. You should do 20 to 30 reps on both arms, no matter which method you choose to do. If you add this in with the triceps, you will be able to make the arms a lot stronger than before and it is all done with a simple resistance band.



Once the biceps are done, it is time to work on the triceps. You can do this with your stands in a parallel position and hip-distance apart. You want to be in the middle of your resistance band and then double the other sides of the band so they go around the wrists. You want to make sure the arms are kept close to the body. 

When you are ready, you can squeeze the shoulder blades and then begin to squeeze the arms back like you would with a dumbbell kick back. You can use the band for this, squeezing at the top of the arm. You can do this 20 to 30 reps slowly and then 20 to 30 quickly for the best results. 

You can alternate this one with the biceps to do a few sets on both sides of the arms and to make you a little stronger each time that you decide to do it. Add in some of the rowing sequence to get the best results. 


Choosing the Right Resistance Band Exercises

There are many exercises that you can use with the help of a resistance band. When you use them the right way, you will find that you can make yourself stronger and get some of the health and fitness results that you have been looking for.  


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