3 Best Cross Training Shoes for Your Fitness Needs

3 Best Cross Training Shoes for Your Fitness Needs
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Workout gear has become increasingly important today as more people follow active lifestyles. Having the right gear to improve workout performance is becoming a top priority. Yet, finding the exact gear for each specific
exercise type or sport can be a chore and money drain. For those who are interested in trying out different sports and activities, having a good pair of cross-training sneakers is a must. These shoes are perfect for running, cycling, and even playing tennis. If you're looking for a great all-around athletic shoe for your various needs, then here are three cross-training models that can greatly improve your performance and help you ‘Prioritize Your Health’.

Reebok Nano 9

If you're into serious, high-impact training like Cross Fit, then this is the cross-training shoe for you. The Reebok Nano 9 has the features of its predecessors and then some. Its wide toe box allows your toes to curl and move with ease while lifting heavy weights or landing from a jump. Compared to the Nano 8, this shoe has more flexibility and traction with maximum cushioning in the midsole. The sole is also decoupled, so it can help you run faster and maintain a proper form. This is also a great cross-training shoe to get if you're more partial to the slim, sneaker style.

Supreme x Nike Cross Trainer 3 Low

Cross-training shoes are known for their performance, but that doesn't mean they have to compromise on style. The new Supreme x Nike Cross Trainer 3 Low release is a great pair of shoes that combine form and function. It comes in two attractive colorways: black with red and green; and white with yellow, red, and green. The shoe has a premium leather upper paired with a perforated toe box and quarter panels. The DURAPLUSH tongue also adds extra comfort, and the rubber midsole and outsole feature lugs and flex grooves for durability. Although it must be said that these shoes are better suited for low-impact and moderate-intensity activities that require you to be light on your feet, such as jogging and other agility exercises.

Under Armour TriBase Reign 3

Under Armour has a broad category of shoes that can be used with practically any sport, but it was only in the past few years that they created a dedicated cross-training shoe for functional fitness athletes. The TriBase Reign 3 is a low-drop, stable shoe that's great for heavy lifting and programs like CrossFit and circuit training. It is an excellent shoe for endurance training as well. It's very firm all over, so it might not be the best shoe for running, even as a cross-training sneaker. The midsole provides responsive cushioning to minimize the impact that comes with intense activity. Overall, it's the sturdiest shoe of the bunch, especially if you're going to be weight-training. However, if you need a trainer with more flex and give, you're better off going with the Nike Cross Trainer 3.


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