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Why You'll See More Results Working Out With A Friend.

No more excuses. Grab a workout buddy and head over to the gym!

Healthy Thanksgiving Inspired Recipe

There's nothing like Thanksgiving inspired lunches and dinners! We want to be sure you're getting ALL the flavor this year. Check out this delicious recipe for Turkey Burgers with Orange Ginger Cranberry Sauce!

The Main Way That You're Sabotaging Your Own Success

Unlock productivity and better brain function with fitness.

The 10 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer

Click to meet one of our trainers, and learn more about how they can help you to reach your goals. 

Perfect Your Pull-Up: A Step by Step Manual

A few simple steps that will help you build your upper body!

The Positive Effects of Physical Activity For Students

We exercise for all different reasons, one of which is to become stronger - this includes mentally! We’re thinking of brain power in a whole new way.

How to Avoid Common Fitness Injuries

Dr. Brent Wells has compiled the best tips for avoiding your next injury before it happens!

Meet Fallynne

Meet Fallynne! She is one of our amazing personal trainers!

Personal Training Success Story: Emma

Meet Emma! Like many of us she wasn't feeling her best after staying home for months, but now she's crushing her goals! Learn how in today's blog post.

How To Sign Up For The Fit Factory App

The Fit Factory App makes signing into classes, scanning into the club and more easier than ever. Find out how to get started today. 

Can Coffee Enhance Your Athletic Performance?

Who would have thought that a cup of joe could be the potential elixir to making yourself stronger?

The Secret To A Strong, Balanced Physique

Fit Coach Olubiyi shares his favorite exercise to build your upper body and core, all at the same time. 

Four Ways to Get Back on Track After Quarantine

 We’ve broken down four easy steps to get back into a healthy routine as we begin to start venturing out of our homes once again.

Our Commitment To Your Safety

Fit Factory is taking new measures to protect members during their workouts.

No Place For Hate

Fit Factory supports the Black Lives Matter Movement.

How to Stay Fit at Home

We have all the tips that you need to stay fit from home. Keep reading for a free total body burn workout!

How to Build a Garage Gym

We've partnered with to walk you through everything you need to create your very own home gym. 

Workout Booking Instructions

We'll walk you through booking your next workout, step by step!

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