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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Promote Body Positivity and Wellness


5 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Promote Body Positivity and Wellness

In a day and age where everyone’s looking for the next best diet and being influenced by those we follow on Instagram, we need to remember to love ourselves as we are. 

More often than not, these fad diets and “highlight reel” Instagram pages usually do more harm than good. We need healthy examples of body positivity–acceptance of all bodies in every form–and wellness that helps us attain better physical, emotional, and mental health outcomes. 

If optimal wellness and health are the goal, you need to know where to look for positive influence. Luckily, these five Instagram pages hone in on body positivity, holistic wellness, and loving yourself unconditionally. 

1. @Mikzazon

Mik Zazon is a speaker, health coach, and content creator whose mission is to #normalizenormalbodies™. After battling three eating disorders, she discovered how to love herself and the body she’s in and set out to help others do the same.

On her Instagram, you’ll find content promoting body positivity and loving yourself just as you are. She doesn’t shy away from talking about the hard stuff: mental health, eating disorders, and the journey to loving her body. 

In a recent post, she says, “Health IS NOT a beauty standard, or following a current health trend. It’s putting your mental health first. It’s celebrating your body through movement in ways your body will allow and thrive from.” 

2. @Iamwellandgood

Well+Good’s feed has a fantastic mix of fitness, health, and wellness content. Journalists Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue created the brand after realizing individuals wanted actionable wellness information that was easy to digest. Their message is to decode and demystify what it means to live a good life, both inside and out. 

It’s no secret that their Instagram resonates with a big crowd–they have 1 million followers! If you find yourself adding to the list and beginning to scroll, you’ll find posts like:

- Affirmations for calmness to keep you feeling grounded

- 3 plank variations to strengthen your entire body

- Blender banana oatmeal pancakes recipe

- Is your therapist a good fit for you?

While their primary Instagram is no doubt a hit, they have three sister accounts you can check out too: @fineprint, @welelandgoodtravels, and @wellandgoodeats. 

3. @karsoncamielle

Karson Camielle is a “Body Positive Fitness Gyal” who promotes her Instagram as a safe community for women embarking on a fitness journey rooted in body positivity.

As you sift through her feed, you’ll find fitness workouts, body-positive affirmations, and some of Karson’s favorite Ilus Label and Bashfitt workout sets. You’ll notice she’s also the founder of Grat Active–a wellness platform that helps women take their first step into a sustainably fit life.

When she recently reached a milestone of 21 thousand followers, she made a post with the reminder that “We move for joy, not self-hate . . . we enjoy the physical changes in our bodies from fitness, but we value holistic health the most.” 

4. @Realryansheldon

If you’re looking for a body-positive account that points out the issues with diet culture and the media's unrealistic body goals for society, Ryan Sheldon’s your guy. 

On his Instagram, he makes content pointing out the evolution of the perfect superhero body, rejecting “Diet Pro Tips,” and advocating for body acceptance. As a survivor of a binge eating disorder, Ryan also dedicates posts to ED awareness. 

Additionally, Ryan works as a model–and he’s dang proud of that accomplishment. You’ll see posts of modeling gigs along with vulnerable moments where he talks about overcoming the fear of people judging him for his size.   

5. @louisegreen_bigfitgirl

Louise Green lives and breathes “Fitness for Everyone.” 

As a trainer and coach for the past 10 years, she uses the Health at Every Size (HAES) principles as a cornerstone for her business. These principles include:  

- Anyone who trains is an athlete, regardless of their body size.

- There’s no one way to pursue wellness.

- The role of fitness is not to “burn off” the food you eat.

- Choose a way to exercise that you actually like.

Throughout her Instagram, you’ll find body positivity and size-inclusive fitness posts. She’s an advocate for feeling confident in your skin no matter your size, and that message brightly shines through her feed. In a recent post, Louise emphasizes the importance of size-friendly gyms–a trait that Fit Factory proudly embodies.  


It’s important to surround yourself with positive influence, especially online. Any one of these Instagrams is a top-notch choice to follow and immerse yourself in body positivity and wellness on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

So go click that follow button!

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