4 Reasons You Should Never Miss a Monday Workout

Need an extra dose of motivation to make it to the gym this Monday? Here are four reasons you should never miss a Monday workout - no more excuses!

Trainer Tip: Stay Consistent with diet and exercise

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to reach a fitness goal is to stay consistent - with both diet and exercise!

Trainer Tip: Abs are made in the kitchen

To get the most out of your arduous workout in the gym, you must fuel your body properly and plan ahead.

What to Expect in a Zumba Group Exercise Classes

These high-energy group exercise classes use upbeat music that makes losing weight fun and exciting.

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month:  Ciro Moura

After losing 15 pounds on his own, he enlisted in our help in September 2016. He started at 215 pounds and now stands at 174!

Personal Trainers: How to Choose the Right One

5 factors to consider when choosing a personal trainer

Athlete of the Month: Christine

Christine has been a CrossFit Factory Wood Road athlete for just over a year now and has "caught the bug" according to her recent comments.

Reach Comp Recap

This past Sunday we had 2 teams from CrossFit Factory Wood Road compete in the Reach spring cleaning competition in Acton MA.

Athlete of the Month: Paul

Check out Braintree CrossFit's April Athlete of the Month! Congrats to Paul "Dr. Paul" Doucot!

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month: Phillip Pace

Phillip has lost 15 lbs and a total of 5 inches off his waist, chest, hips, and legs with a 1 inch gain in his arms - All in JUST 2 MONTHS of work!

Trainer Tip: Deadlifting 101

A deadlift is a complex movement that takes a lot of time and attention to perfect, here are 6 helpful tips to keep in mind!

Athlete of the Month: Taylor

Congratulations to Taylor for being awarded Kingston's CrossFit Athlete of the Month for March! Taylor's CrossFit Journey has been and continues to be a great one to watch!

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month:  Bob Symes

Check out Kingston's Personal Training Client of the Month! Bob never lets anything set him back. He pushes through every workout, no matter what Ashley throws at him!

Health and Wellness Through the Holiday Season

From celebrating traditions and enjoying elaborate meals to spending time with family and anticipating a new year—the holidays are a wonderful time to be with the ones you love.

CrossFit Classes are A Perfect Way to Get Started in Fitness and Health

There are a number of new health and fitness trends that are virtually taking off overnight. Many are diets and fad-like workout programs that have made a huge splash with limited or no results. However, years ago the CrossFit training program emerged to become the exception. It is now one of the hottest and newest health and fitness crazes and is still very mainstream.

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