What is Functional Fitness?
Exercises that simulate day-to-day normal activities that strengthen your entire body and improve range of motion.
What is Interval Training?
Alternating exercises with varying times, effort, and speed that has been scientifically proven to burn more calories and improve heart health.


A unique program designed by combining functional fitness and interval training taught by our multi-certified Fit Factory coaches. We combined these two styles to create a progressive, safe and fun workout regimen designed for all fitness levels that focuses on results.

These classes provide hands-on coaching, accountability and a motivating community.

* Currently only available in at the Kingston Fit Factory and Foxboro Fit Factory

Fit Factory Kingston

CrossFit Factory Collection Way
101 Kingston Collection Way
Kingston, MA 02364


Fit Factory Foxboro

10 Foxborough Boulevard
Foxboro, MA 02035


Fit Factory North Attleboro

North Attleboro
473 East Washington St
North Attleboro, MA 02760

(508) 418-4887




Class Formats

Quick FIT

Quick FIT

“I don't have time to workout” has never been further from the truth. In 30 quick minutes you’ll be moving and sweating from start to finish. This high intensity workout will utilize basic bodyweight movements and lighter loads designed to burn tons of calories in just a short period of time!



Focused on functional body weight movements and the use of lighter loads in a simple, less technical, and highly effective workout. Don’t think, just SWEAT!

Factory Strong

Factory Strong

Find the strongest version of yourself! Learn all the different variations of basic strength training movements with the safest and most-progressive methods. Each class will conclude with a moderately intense conditioning workout. Whether you are brand new or just looking to learn new exercises and get stronger, this class is for you!



An all-encompassing class combining all of the essential and effective elements of fitness. This unique program was created to provide safe, progressive, and fun workouts designed for all fitness levels and focused on results. Warm-up, learn & practice new exercises, then get ready to sweat through the workout of the day. 


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