8 reasons you need a trainer in your life [from our current clients!]

8 reasons you need a trainer in your life [from our current clients!]
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Sometimes to build a better you, you need help. Our Fit Factory personal trainers are here to provide the support you’ve been missing! Each of our coaches are experienced, certified, and ready to help you figure out what you need to be successful in your fitness journey. 


It can be intimidating admitting that you want or need guidance, we know you won’t regret taking those extra steps to push your workouts to the next level. What better way to learn more about our personal training program than hearing from Fit Factory members who work one on one with a coach? We’ve teamed up with our members who have flourished since starting Personal Training. Keep reading to find out 8 reasons you need a trainer in your life! 


1. They Keep My Workouts Fresh: “PT is challenging and never boring. Constantly changing and the results speak for themselves.” - Robert (Trains with Danilo, Fit Factory North Attleboro)


2. They Encourage Me To Make Myself A Priority:  “I decided it was time to do something to better myself." - Robert (Trains with Danilo, Fit Factory North Attleboro)


3. Made Me Think About My Future Self!: “I was at a turning point...I was asking myself "How do I want to age?" I had surgery on my foot and the rehab made it clear there are two paths...strong or weak and I really want to be strong.” - Michelle (Trains with Jared, Fit Factory Braintree)


4. Finally, I See Results!: “Danilo continues to remind clients of the progress being made and makes sure the clients truly see and feel their progress. He makes sure we aren't just taking his word for it and can truly see and appreciate our own successes.” - Robert (Trains with Danilo, Fit Factory, North Attleboro)


5. I Turned My Cant's Into Cans:  "Lifting the "big" weights was awesome and so was doing pull ups." - Michelle (Trains with Jared, Fit Factory Braintree) 


6. We Make A Great Team: "Jared is my trainer and he is calm and steady. He is so encouraging and easy to work with. I've never worked with a trainer and I really like working with Jared!"- Michelle (Trains with Jared, Fit Factory Braintree) 


7. I Silenced Self-doubt:  "He always says “C’mon you can do it” and honestly he’s usually right. I doubt myself a lot and he’s the positive reinforcement that I need!! I injured my knees when I was younger, and Zach has really accommodated for that–tailoring my workouts to not stress my knees or injure them even further. So I really love that I have so much encouragement and that I have someone who listens to my needs in order to help my personal fitness improve." - Emily (Trains with Zach, Fit Factory Braintree) 


8. I Got The Push I Needed No Risk No Reward: "Just go for it!! You have absolutely nothing to lose. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with some extra help." - Emily (Trains with Zach, Fit Factory Braintree) 


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It’s time for you to make time for your health and there is no time like the present! 



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