5 Strength Workouts To Do On Turf

5 Strength Workouts To Do On Turf
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There are hundreds of strength workouts you can add to your routine to build muscle and gain strength. If your goal is to get stronger faster, get yourself to your nearest turf surface to crank up the intensity.


Training on turf has many benefits, including developing speed, agility, endurance, and strength. Artificial turf is ideal for strength training since it can handle high weights and sudden movements of a wide range of exercises. Its slightly padded surface helps maintain your position during your workout and can relieve some of the pressure on your joints. 


Wondering what workouts are the best to do on turf? Read on for five of the best strength workouts on turf, then head to your nearest Fit Factory to get moving. Every Fit Factory location has a turf area that you can use to crush your strength exercises and make those gains.


Sled Push/Backward Drag

If you’re looking to build lower body strength, increase your explosiveness and crank-up your endurance, look no further than your club’s weight sled. It’s easy to use, has minimal risk of injury, and has a quick recovery time. Since you have to pull and push against the resistance of the surface it’s on, using a sled on turf is a great way to build strength fast.


To complete this move, add as much weight as you want to the sled, grab the upright bars and push it across a set distance. Rest for 15 seconds, then grab the sled’s harness and pull it backwards to your start line. Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat. 


If you’re a sled beginner, start with three reps. As you gain strength and endurance, you can add weight to the sled and increase your reps.


Already a sled expert? Try this 9-set Sled Pyramid to take your training to the next level, and remember each set is back and forth one time.


Set 1: 90 LB (2 plates) x 20 yards

Set 2: 180 LB (4 plates) x 20 yards

Set 3: 270 LB (6 plates) x 20 yards

Set 4: 360 LB (8 plates) x 20 yards

Set 5: 450 LB (10 plates) x 20 yards

Set 6: 360 LB (8 plates) x 20 yards

Set 7: 270 LB (6 plates) x 20 yards

Set 8: 180 LB (4 plates) x 20 yards

Set 9: 90 LB (2 plates) x 20 yards


Walking Lunges With Kettlebells

If you’ve worked with a personal trainer before, you’ve probably done walking lunges with kettlebells. This simple move should be included in your workout because it improves your single-leg strength, activates your glutes, and increases core stability. Doing this workout on turf helps you maintain balance and reduce the strain on your joints. Here’s how to do it:


Grab a kettlebell in each hand. The weight should feel challenging, but you shouldn’t feel strain on your shoulders. Step forward with your right leg, and lower into a lunge on your left knee. Rise up, then repeat on your left side. That’s one rep! Repeat 12 reps (that’s six on each side). As your strength increases, you can grab heavier kettlebells and increase your reps.


Pushup to Inchworm

This core-crushing upper body move doesn’t require any equipment but will increase your core and upper body strength fast. 


Start standing straight up, then place your hands on the ground, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Then walk your hands out to plank position, hold for five seconds, and complete a pushup. Next, walk your legs towards your hands, again keeping your legs as straight as possible. Keep your body in a straight line with your hips up and your core engaged. Beginners can do their pushups on their knees. Repeat the move six times. 


Medicine Ball Lateral Lunge With Reach

This move is another excellent total body workout. It engages your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and arms. To increase the cardiovascular benefits, use a lighter medicine ball and increase your reps. To complete the move, grab a medicine ball that feels heavy enough to give you resistance but still feels comfortable to hold out straight throughout the movement.


Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, holding the medicine ball with both hands, raise your arms until they’re parallel with the floor. Next, step out to the side with your right leg and sink into a lunge position. Hold for three seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat on the left side. Repeat six times on each side, resting between reps as needed. 


Resistance Band Pallof Press

You’ll need to grab a resistance band and make sure it’s anchored securely for this move. Then, get ready to feel your core burn! While standing perpendicular to the band, grab the handles with both hands and step to the side until there is solid tension in the band. Then with knees slightly bent, press out with both hands until your arms are fully extended. Hold for three seconds, then slowly return your arms to your chest. Repeat twelve times. You can increase or decrease the difficulty of this move by changing the resistance band you choose.


See You On The Turf

If you’re ready to gain strength and build endurance, these exercises on turf are a great way to build muscle. If you need some help getting started, check out our personal training programs. One of our Fit Coaches will work with you one on one to perfect your form and help you achieve your goals. Looking for a luxury health club experience? Join other Fit Factory members for one of our strength and conditioning group classes in one of our studios and get stronger together!

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