Embracing a Dry January: A Journey to Health and Well-being

The new year and the pressure to create lasting resolutions can feel intimidating, many of us find ourselves contemplating resolutions that will start us on a path to self improvement. But a new year doesn’t have to mean building a new you, it can be about becoming 1% better, and making small changes to help you get out of your comfort zone.

The Truth about Our Free Kickstart & Training Session: It’s not what you think

There are many myths surrounding the fitness world. Especially when it comes to workout programs and personal training. We’re here to debunk those myths and give you the rundown on what to expect when signing up for a personal training session or our Kickstart Program.

More than Just A Gym: 7 Amenities to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes it takes more than just weights or cardio to keep you motivated. Which is why Fit Factory offers a number of additional amenities in order to help you reach your full potential including recovery services, meeting new people with similar goals through classes, and even how to use certain areas in the gym to gain an edge.

Fit Factory Reels Contest

If you're passionate about the gym and fitness, we want to see what kind of reels you can create! Show us your best reel for the chance to win a cash prize, be featured on Fit Factory's social media channels, and gain recognition within the fitness community! 

Take it to the Turf! Full Turf Workouts for your Strength Days

Turf is one of the most versatile surfaces that you can workout on. It has many benefits from being easy on your joints with shock absorption and cushioning to being one of the most easily accessible high traction surfaces.

5 Mini Workouts To Do While On Vacation

Vacations are made for relaxing and feeling tranquill. During this time don’t give up on your workout regimen. Just by getting your heart rate up for as little as 30 minutes can be beneficial to your fitness journey.

Add These 5 Pilates Moves To Enhance Your Strength Training Routine

When it comes to strength training, most people think of lifting heavy weights or using machines. However, there's another effective and versatile approach that can take your strength training to the next level: Pilates. Add these 5 moves to focus on core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning! 

Workout Stacking: What is it? How should I use it to make my training sessions even better?

In the fitness industry it seems that there are always new trends coming and going, and this time it's something called “workout stacking”. It is a new method of fitness where you take fitness classes back-to-back, in the form of “stacking”.

Ready, Set. CrossFit: The On Ramp Program Explained

Starting your CrossFit journey may seem scary, but no fear! We've got you covered with our On Ramp program which will help lead you in the right direction.

How The CrossFit Community Can Change Your Life

Crossfit is more than just a workout, it is a community. If you are looking to build new friendships in the gym and be surrounded by people who will support and challenge you, than Crossfit is a must try!

3 Things You Need To Know About CrossFit

There are 3 things one should know about Crossfit before starting and we have the perfect guide to help you! Switch up your workouts and try Crossfit today!

Crush Your First WOD: Demystifying CrossFit Lingo for Newbies

Are you looking to get started on your Crossfit journey? If so- there are a couple things you want to learn before hand and we are going to break it down for you!

5 Underrated High Protein Snacks To Add Into Your Diet

Are you looking for more ways to add protein into your diet? These recipes are an easy, and delicious way to increase your daily protein intake!

How Good Gut Health Boosts Your Well-Being

Good gut health plays a huge role in your overall health. Find out why gut health is so important and how you can ensure that you look after yours.

How My Personal Trainer Changed My Life

Working with our personal trainers will tranform your life and fitness journey! Read all how Mark L. recovered from his hockey injury here!

Summer Shred 5 Week Challenge

Level up your fitness journey with this fun Summer Shred 5 Week Challenge! Take advantage of our InBody Scanner in club and track your progress to see how far you can push yourself to achieve your goals!

3 Reasons You Should Be Using an Inbody Scanner to Track Progress in the Gym

Using an Inbody scanner is a great way to keep track of your progress in the gym and create new goals for yourself! Check out our tips on how this incredible machine can impact your fitness journey in a positive way!

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