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Premier Memberships Now Available!

With our Premier Membership, you're getting two memberships for the price of ONE. Our new Premier model was so popular at our Texas and Berlin clubs that now we're adding even more and bringing it to all of our clubs! Premier is stronger than ever. Not only will you have exclusive access to all of our available VIP Elite amenities but you will now have the chance to unlock brand new perks.

Your Premier membership includes access to unlimited Virtual F.F.I.T. AND Group Fitness Classes! Functional Fitness Interval Training is our small group training program - the best program designed to get results fast and take the thinking out of your workouts! Build muscle and shred fat as our coaches motivate you through fast and effective workouts with F.F.I.T. See for yourself here

The workout consists of exercises that simulate day-to-day activities designed to strengthen your entire body and improve range of motion. Interval training allows you to alternate exercises with varying times, effort, and speed that will help burn more calories and aid in heart health.

What are you waiting for? Start making the most of your workouts today with your Premier Membership! 


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