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How Dehydration Impacts your Workouts

Working out is more complex than just taking classes or developing routines to strengthen particular muscles. An important part of staying healthy is ensuring that you're hydrated!


Hydration is a mechanism that allows the body to better perform all of its functions. Dehydration occurs when the amount of fluid in the body falls below the normal level. The body begins to lose fluids as it develops excessive heat and sweating and if you don't drink enough water, you'll get dehydrated.


Decreased Mental Focus, fatigue, reduction in physical performance, and a decrease in metabolism health are all effects of dehydration.                                 

Dehydration impairs your mental processes, causing you to lose concentration and the ability to link your mind and body. Specifically, more than 90% of exercise is determined to the mind. As a result, dehydration hurts an athlete's overall results. The less hydrated you are, the more your performance will suffer. For example, a 5% dehydration causes a 30% reduction in the performance of an athlete.

It is essential to remain hydrated to help your muscles revocer and grow. 


To prevent dehydration you need to drink regularly, especially during workouts and in warmer weather. 

The simple fact is that when your body hits a dehydration level of 2%, it begins to crave fluid or water.
Ultimately, it depends on how much water you drink. To find out, make sure that you are drinking enough water in relation to your workout routine. Try your best to drink a sip of any fluid or water for every three sets. 

At Fit Factory, we do our best to make sure your hydration needs are met by providing different hydration stations throughout our clubs where members can drink or refill their water bottles. Want somthing other then water? We also provide a selection of cooler drinks that are available for purchase at the front desk!



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