Make the Most of your Cardio

Make the Most of your Cardio
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With lockdowns and restrictions, our ability to take care of our fitness has been heavily impacted. While gyms are open in some areas, not everyone is as lucky, and they are forced to perform their workouts either in their home, a park, or a combination of the two.


Luckily, there has never been such a quantity of quality fitness podcasts available for consumption, and listening to these podcasts can really help people develop routines and stay motivated in these challenging times. Here, we will look at some of the best fitness podcasts available.


1. Barbell Shrugged


Any fitness enthusiast has likely heard of the Barbell Shrugged podcast at one point in time, even if they haven't taken the time to listen to it. The show is currently the number one fitness podcast on iTunes at the moment and features over 250 episodes, most of which include experts in whatever topic/area the episode is covering. Those who are primarily into weight lifting and bodybuilding may not find Barbell Shrugged as enjoyable as others since the show focuses on sports fitness/CrossFit.


2. Rdella Training


Adella training, hosted by strength coach and former physical therapist Scott Lardella is a show that provides listeners with an exciting mix of Kettlebell Training, mobility training, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting. "One aspect that makes Rdella Training interesting is that the show does not always follow the same format, sometimes it will just be Scott alone, whereas other shows will feature Scott with an expert in a particular field. Either way, the show is science and experience-based and is one of the best," writes Jon Harris, a writer at Assignment Help and State Of Writing.


3. Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show


As the name implies, this show focuses on strength training and is one of the best in this arena. As a testament to how popular the show has become, Joe DeFranco has had at least one player from every NFL football team along with members of the WWE, MLB, NBA, and UFC. From this fact alone, it is safe to conclude that Joe is doing something right!


4. Strength And Scotch Podcast


In the Strength And Scotch Podcast, hosts Heavey and Grant cover a wide range of fitness topics with a side of humor. Along with workout routines and exercises, the show also focuses heavily on diet, an angle that many listeners enjoy.


5. 40+ Fitness Podcast


As you may have guessed, the 40+ Fitness Podcast focuses on training routines, diets, and general health and fitness for people over 40. The host, Allan Misner, is a 50-year-old personal trainer and knows everything there is to know about being fit during middle age. This includes caring for and treating stubborn and constant aches and pains that one did not experience in the mid-20s. "Aside from this, the 40+ Fitness Podcast takes special care to inform people how to stay fit and healthy as they go into their golden years. As Allan says, each decision you make when you're younger will ultimately affect how pleasant your later years are." writes James Herring, a health expert at Revieweal and Bestbritishessays.


6. Shredded By Science


The Shredded By Science podcast is slightly different from the other shows mentioned on this list as it is geared towards professionals and not the average fitness enthusiast. While this is true, it is still a great source of knowledge, as all knowledge is backed up by scientific data and studies. If you find yourself tired of the average "bro-science" that one will hear on a great many podcasts, it may be time to check out Shredded By Science.


7. MindPump: Raw Fitness Truth


In some ways, MindPump can be thought of as the Howard Stern of fitness podcasts. Although the information delivered is of high value, the hosts employ a 'hang-out" format instead of the classic interview style. One of the best aspects of this show is how they take the time to break down many of the commonplace misconceptions in the bodybuilding/fitness communities and how many of them are dangerous on top of being a waste of time.


Lauren Groff is a fitness blogger and writer at Research paper writing and Bigassignments. Of the topics she has covered in her career, Lauren enjoys fitness and productivity the most. In her spare time, she also produces blog content for Academized Review.


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