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Staying Active with Martial Arts

Many people made New Year's Resolutions regarding health and fitness for 2020 that they were unable to achieve as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, people were forced to get creative in order to say healthy and get moving. A great way to achieve these activity-related goals while stuck a home was with bodyweight workouts such as martial arts. While things are opening back up and we're no longer forced to work out only at home, bodyweight and at home workouts are not something that is going away any time soon. People enjoy the flexibility of being able to workout wherever and whenever, and we're here to help!

Did you know that there are many different kinds of fitness that fall under the Martial Arts umnbrella?  Keep reading to learn about our favorite type to add into your workout routine!



Cardio Boxing is our favorite form of martial arts to add into a fitness routine because it requires no partner no equipment, and it is very effective for burning fat and lots of calories. It is a compound type of Martial Arts comprised of a combination of Cardio and Boxing, just as its name suggests. It does not include sparring like boxing and kickboxing, but rather places accentuation on strategy. 

FIt Factory offers classes such as Cardio Kickboxing that are designed to get your heart pumping and make you feel both strong and accomplished. Gear up, put your shorts on, and try it out by taking an in club or virtal class with us to get your heart pumping. 



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