Fit Coach Jen W break down her tips on how to stay healthy and happy in 2021 in the first entry of her monthly guest post series!

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The Key To A Healthier 2021

The Key To A Healthier 2021
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As 2020 left, some with sighs of relief and hopes for a better 2021, with grateful hearts we say good-bye 2020! Let's move to a better 2021.


Physically we need to build our health reserves in order to fight against future viruses, stress, chronic disease. It is going to happen folks so just buckle up, swig some kombucha and let's dig in!


First let's start with our digestion! My friends, digestion starts North to South..."mouth to tail" as they say, though I don't know who they "they" are. Anyway, chew your food well...... Almost until liquid, it will take some stress off your stomach. Doing this will help keep the integrity of HcL from being diminished, supporting the function of HcL, post eating.


Did you know HcL actually is the first line of defense in the killing of viruses? HcL kills some of those viruses, protozoa and other funky unwanted visitors. Please don't drink 'Niagara Falls' with your meals either. This too can diminish HcL and that is the support to immune health we need.


Let's also approach the meal time as a time to replenish, repair and rejuvenate. Try to eat foods that support immune health. Of course vegetables are imperative. BUT....Let us not forget protein! Proteins support immune health. When thinking T-killer cells, think T-bone steak! Proteins support cell structures, organ health and hormone support.


Good ol' hormones!


The mainframe to our physiology! With support of the hormones sending those messages and carrying cholesterol, bringing vitamins to the cells..... It is like Aladdin's' magic carpet ride! It's magical! I know I poke fun, but hormones are serious businesses. Think of them as secret service agents, quiet, always present, constantly on call and will jump into action at a moments notice.


But hormones need nutrients for integrity in order for them to work at their best!


Fat! Fat my friend feed the cells. Don't be afraid...... Come closer gather around kids...... I have a secret to tell you..... Every cell in your body has a phospholipid bi-layer. "What??" you say, yes, each cell has a fat layer giving them fluidity and malleability. Also your brain is made up up, dry weight volume of roughly 80%, take that 'fat-head'!.


The glands whole job is to make hormones and send them throughout the body, the thymus, pituitary, adrenals, thyroid all need support and they need fat to thrive. Good fat of course, though I am never going to say no to Chick-fil-A and you can't make me! All kidding aside, fats are a macro nutrient, one of three big stars if you will, and we need them as starring roles AND as supporting actors. That is how important they are.


I hope this 30,000 foot look from above has intrigued you enough to come back next month as we delve in deeper into the this subject. Funny, not a single person or health expert that I am aware of talked about actually being healthy and staying healthy in 2020. Did you?


Let's take back your power to make you healthy and as to never have to go through another year year like 2020.


Signing off until next month!


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