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Healthcare Reimbursement

Did you know that your health insurance provider could be paying for your gym membership? For real. So sit back, upgrade, and enjoy all of the perks that Fit Factory has to offer on your insurance company's dime.


Working out is a great way to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system, and that's what your insurance company wants you to do - everybody wins. We’ve compiled a short list of popular insurance providers that offer fitness reimbursement benefits below. If you don't see yours, get in contact with them to see what they offer and if you can take advantage of these benefits today! 


United Healthcare


Blue Cross Blue Shield






It's easy! For most of these companies, all you need to do is ask the front desk for a copy of your annual dues payments reciepts. Then, you cna submit it to your insurance provider and get reimbursed.


*Reimbursement offerings and redemption processes range by insurance provider. Check with your provider directly. 



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