How My Personal Trainer Changed My Life

How My Personal Trainer Changed My Life
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“This program wasn’t a canned/internet plan where one size fits all, but designed to meet my physical needs”


Meet Mark L., one of our incredible personal training clients who suffered a knee injury from hockey. After working with Josh, a Fit Factory Braintree Coach, Mark was able to walk away pain free and return to a normal life - playing hockey again after 4 months, while it was originally projected to be 8 or more of recovery. Mark specifically went to a personal trainer to get help in his recovery journey because he wanted to work with someone who could help with a specified program, and who would learn and understand his physical issues. 


FF: What are 2-3 benefits you’ve experienced as a result of your training?


Mark: “I've learned a certain group of exercises designed to benefit my knee with strengthening. I have also developed a better training program when working out on my own which has eliminated wasted energy and time with exercises or training that occupy my valuable time. I also learned about a better cardio program that has developed my stamina and strengthened my lung capacity when playing outside sports”.


FF: Why would you recommend someone getting some guidance in the gym that might be on the fence?


Mark: “Some of the most successful people in society have personal coaches whether they are success coaches with life and technical coaches (Tiger Woods and Tom Brady). Personal health trainers help us maximize our energy levels to be successful with both professional and personal performance. A personal trainer helps keep their clients honest with themselves and guide them in reaching their goals. Josh has provided me with a blueprint for a healthy life both in the present and moving into the future as I age. It is tough being 42 and getting old”.


FF: What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?


Mark: “Before working with Josh I was ready to go for another procedure whether it was another scope of the knee or some form of experimental injections. The second and the most important was Josh working with my physical therapist and making my recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery, an expedited success. To play hockey again, recovery was expected to be 8+ months, and I was playing in 4 months”. 


Every client's journey is different, but our personal trainers can ensure that you will get the best program fit specifically for you. Whether it's getting help recovering from an injury or simply looking for guidance on your muscle building or weight loss journey, our personal trainers are here to help! Get started today, and thank us later! 



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