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5 Benefits of the Sauna for Performance & Recovery

Saunas have been utilized in many cultures for thousands of years and are known today as a gym staple. And if you’re searching for ways to improve your gym performance and recovery, this heat therapy may be the answer you’ve hoped for.

Where should I be feeling it?

We’ve compiled four popular exercises and dive into where you should be feeling it with each one and how to do them correctly. 

How to Cut Time off Your 5K According to Experts

Training for a future 5K? Looking to improve your personal best time, while you're at it? Consider these five, simple expert tips that will help to cut time off your next 5K.


How to Make “Sweating for the Wedding” [& Other Events] Sustainable

Looking to get in-shape for your upcoming summer celebrations? Learn about how approach and maintain your fitness goals ahead of your next event this summer. 

How Your Diet Can Affect Your Skin

If you want great skin you may need to take a closer look at your diet. Here’s how you can enjoy carrier, healthier, younger skin by eating the right foods.

3 Ways Exercising Benefits Your Body

Feeling great both physcially and mentally after your workout? This is because exercising is desgined to benefit your body in more ways than one. Check out the benefits to your physical and mental health, as well as your overall motivation that exercising can have. 

5 Fitness Trends to Avoid and What to Do Instead

In the age of social media, there are constantly new fitness trends that people are participating in. But are they really as beneficial as they claim to be? Here are 5 fitness trends that you should avoid and healthy aternatives that you should consider!

Become your own grocery store!

As the weather warms up in time for summer, add another element to your fitness journey. Starting your own garden can be an easy step in improving your health by eating fresh, nutrient-filled foods. Don't think you have the space for a garden? No problem, we have the perfect solution!

Have you tried to spice up your fitness routine lately?

Tired of your same workout routine or are looking to try something new? Consider these exercises to add variety into your regular workout routine this month. You may just find your new favorite way to exercise!

IV Infusions and IM Injections 101: What are they? How can they help me?

Ever been curious about IV infusions and IM injections? Discover the benefits that IV infusions and IM injections can have on your health and performance recovery, and get the chance to try it out yourself!

5 Strength Workouts To Do On Turf

Interested in building your strength and looking to spend more time outside this season? Learn of the benefits that turf training can have on your fitness by checking out these 5 strength workouts made for the turf!

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Promote Body Positivity and Wellness

Being your best self is the overarching goal when making decisions to eat healthy or exercise often, but to reach that goal you need to start with loving yourself! Here are some of the best Instagram accounts that promote body positivity that you can follow today!

Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle

Need a break from the weights? Resistance bands are a great alternative that will engage more muscles movements, build strength, and improve the quality of your workout. Check out these high intensity resistance band exercises to include in your next workout!

Need to get better sleep? Try these methods!

Why is it that we are always tired in the morning and awake at night? It's time show our bodies who's boss and take back control of sleep! Check out a few tips we have for getting up on time and staying rested throughout the day... there may even be a midday snooze involved! 

Top 5 Workouts That Burn the Most Calories

There are many goals people set for themselves when going to the gym and burning calories is often at the top of that list. With so many workouts and exercises to choose from, it can be tough finding what is best for you! Here are some go-to calorie burners that will definitely help you get your sweat on at home or in the gym.

Prioritizing Your Wellness and Fitness Before Spring

With wellness and fitness going hand in hand, it’s important for us to understand just how we can make these integral parts of life a priority before spring even arrives.

How To Clean Your Workout Gear

Ever been stuck wondering how to get that stink our of your workout clothes and equipment? Check out these nifty tricks and steps to rid your gear of that post-workout stench that seems to just not go away.

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