Member Success Story: Stefania Fontes

Member Success Story: Stefania Fontes
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Our favorite day of the week is here—it’s time to share a member success story! At Fit Factory, we’re all about supporting our incredible members in their one-of-a-kind health journeys…

...and nothing makes us happier than getting a chance to celebrate healthy choices, new habits, and fitness milestones.  

Today, we’re celebrating Stefania’s success in prioritizing her health, making consistent workouts part of her weekly routine, and reaching her fitness goals after having a baby. Let’s hear her story.




Stefania joined Fit Factory to help her get in shape after having a baby. For years, she’d led an active lifestyle and had even been a member at another gym. However, she’d gained weight during her pregnancy (which is obviously normal and healthy!) and was ready to take charge of her fitness goals and start seeing results.

She found Fit Factory when she was looking for something that would hold her accountable and help her achieve results, and she knew it was the place for her. “I love the whole gym,” says Stefania, “I love that it’s affordable, I love the equipment, I love that there aren’t mirrors all over the place...I just feel so comfortable here.”



Although Stefania had achieved awesome weight loss results with a diet and detox, she knew she needed to start exercising if she wanted to get toned, build muscle, and banish the flabbiness! So, she joined Fit Factory for support and accountability in reaching her new fitness goals.

After working out for a little while on her own, Stefania took advantage of the free personal training session we offer for all of our members.

Instantly, she knew that a personal training package would help her reach her goals even faster. In her own words: “Honestly, I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to get back to my pre-kids body.”



It’s tough to build new habits, make lifestyle challenges, and maintain the motivation to reach big goals...and we all deal with different excuses and challenges.

For Stefania, it’s still tough to find the time to workout consistently. Since she’s a busy mom with a full-time career, we can totally understand that!

The key for her has been to hit the gym right away in the morning, on her way to work. “I know that if I don’t work out in the morning, it’s not gonna happen,” she says.



In the past three months of working out with one of our personal trainers, Stefania has lost ten pounds, gained strength and endurance, and seen a huge difference in her body.

“I’m not getting bigger, I’m getting leaner,” she explains—and she attributes that success to the knowledge and personalized workouts from her trainer.

Even though Stefania had worked out before and knew the basics of exercise, she’s relied on her trainer’s expertise to push her harder, target specific muscle groups, and help her reach her goals faster. For example, she says that “when we work out my lower body, the next day I can barely walk—and that sort of intensity never happened when I was on my own.”

Stefania’s trainer also holds her accountable by creating workouts for her to complete on the days of the week when they don’t work out together (and my checking in with her to make sure she’s making it to the gym on those other days!).

“I’m just very glad that I found this gym,” she says. “I don’t have anything bad to say—I love everything!”



Thanks for sharing your story, Stefania! We’re so thrilled for your success, and we’re glad you’re a part of the Fit Factory Family.



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