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Introducing dotFIT!

Supplements are a proven way to maximize results, but not all supplements are created equal - that's where dotFIt comes in. 

Supplementation for Every Lifestyle

Learn about the benefits of using suppliments and why they can help you achieve your goals - fitness or otherwise. 

Can Nutrition be a Barrier to Improving Fitness Levels?

Did you know that nutrition is almost always the barrier to improving fitness levels or breaking through plateaus? Learn how to push past them... 

How Much Is Too Much Exercise?

Is it possible to overdo fitness? In some cases, yet - let's talk about it!

The Secret To Maximizing Gains

You could be doing everything right in the gym, but did you know a big part of your progress takes place at home during the time that you're not working out with us?

How Dehydration Impacts your Workouts

Learn about dehydration, the impacts it has on your body, and what you can do to avoid it.

Staying Active with Martial Arts

In this article we'll talk basic techniques and discuss why martial arts is a great way to stay active wherever you are!



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