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Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle

Need a break from the weights? Resistance bands are a great alternative that will engage more muscles movements, build strength, and improve the quality of your workout. Check out these high intensity resistance band exercises to include in your next workout!

Need to get better sleep? Try these methods!

Why is it that we are always tired in the morning and awake at night? It's time show our bodies who's boss and take back control of sleep! Check out a few tips we have for getting up on time and staying rested throughout the day... there may even be a midday snooze involved! 

Top 5 Workouts That Burn the Most Calories

There are many goals people set for themselves when going to the gym and burning calories is often at the top of that list. With so many workouts and exercises to choose from, it can be tough finding what is best for you! Here are some go-to calorie burners that will definitely help you get your sweat on at home or in the gym.



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