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Do I only need to take supplements if I’m trying to build muscle?

Supplements are for more than just building muscles. As a matter of fact, trying to gain muscle is only one of the many reasons that individuals take supplements. 


The simple answer? Everyone!

The difference is that we should all supplement a little bit different based on our age, habits, activity levels and goals. The objective from the beginning is to fill gaps in our diets to ensure proper functioning of our bodies' many processes. There are also abundant amounts of nutrient deficiencies a person can have from Vitamin C to Calcium that play a vital role in our health that supplementing can help with. A good example of when this can happen is when we go on a calorie deficit diet to lose weight. By cutting total daily calories we limit the total micro and macro nutrients we give our bodies. Supplementation of these nutrients allows us to ensure proper daily intake without the added calories to help with weight loss while maintaining our health.

Want an example?

Think about pregnancy: every mom does her very best to maintain a clean diet to help with their child's development. Even with this conscious effort, doctors recommend a prenatal vitamin. This is due to knowing that even if we eat absolutely perfectly a mother will still not hit the appropriate daily nutrient numbers that are shown to decrease risks during the different stages of pregnancy.

All in all, supplementing more of certain nutrients can aid in the development of muscle, but the primary goal should be to have a balanced diet with supplements helping to fill the gaps where needed.


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