5 Lies Your Bestie Wishes You Knew Weren't True

5 Lies Your Bestie Wishes You Knew Weren't True
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There are five lies that we’re all guilty of telling ourselves surrounding fitness but they’re just that - lies. How would your gym bestie feel about all of those excuses and that negative self-talk? He or she would be really disappointed that you were limiting your potential and knocking yourself down, so don’t! Keep reading for some of the most common lies that we tell ourselves, and the reality of the situation to keep you pushing forward!

#1- I’m too tired to go today. 

We’re here to be your friendly neighborhood gym bestie and tell you this - just GO, you’ll feel so much better when you’re done. While you may think that if you’re tired working out will only make you more tired, think again! It has been shown that light aerobic exercise such as using a stationary bike, elliptical, or going for a brisk walk can actually make you feel less tired! I bet your bestie is tired too, but besides the aerobic exercise, seeing your friend will also make both of you less tired! 

#2- I’m too busy 

Everyone has busy schedules and priorities but that doesn’t mean your health and working out should get pushed to the bottom. Your gym bestie would tell you to prioritize yourself, so do it! Start making working out part of your routine, maybe that means waking up a bit earlier, but hey! That will also give you a bit more energy for the day. If your workout bestie knew this then you could both make specific time to meet at the gym. Their schedule is most likely busy too, but instead of meeting up for a cup of coffee decide to sign up for that spin class instead! 

#3- I have no idea what I am doing… so there’s no point in going!

From weights, to treadmills, to stretching… Where do I start?! A lot of workout fatigue comes from not knowing what to do or how to use the equipment. Your bestie would want you to learn, grow and be confident in yourself, but that can’t happen if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone. We’re stronger together - maybe even turn your bestie into your gym bestie. Having someone by your side to help with form is a great way to gain confidence and even learn new exercises. Need more guidance? Try Semi-Private Training with a Fit Factory personal trainer! We will show you how to use equipment as well as great partner works that you and your bestie can do together! Get stronger with your bestie in a small group setting with a 1 on 1 feel. 

#4- They won’t care if I skip today…

Skipping out on the gym doesn’t only affect you, but your workout bestie too! Oh well, so you didn’t go today, big deal! Unfortunately, your workout bestie was counting on you to show up. They needed you there not only as motivation and support but they were hoping you would spot them with weights today. Now not only are you missing your workout, they are left wondering what to do without you. Don't let your best down - you're stronger together!

#5 This won’t last.

Thinking there’s no point in going and that you will end up quitting in a few weeks anyways? Wrong! Staying in a routine is half the battle of working out, so let someone who cares about you hold you accountable. If your bestie knew that you were going to just give up on them, they just might inspire you to keep moving and take the next step! Working out with a gym bestie will help you stay motivated, committed, and keep you from quitting. Set goals and let your bestie know! When they see or hear you start to talk about giving up, they can remind you why you are there. 


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