Smoothies make the perfect pre OR post workout snack! Check out our favorites that are both delicious and nutritious.

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Smoothie Tuesday


Smoothies are typically fruit based and higher in carbohydrates, making them the perfect pre-workout option for some quick and easily digestible energy! Add some protein powder, and get what your muscles are craving for recovery after a tough workout.

While the combinations are endless, we wanted to share our very favorite recipes with you to try out and incorporate into your diet this week!

Red Smoothie 
Makes 2 servings:
• 6 strawberries
• 5 mint leaves
• 1 cup of cubed watermelon
• Juice of 1 lime
• 4 ice cubes

Blueberry Delight 
Makes 2 servings:
• 1¾ cups blueberries
• 1 orange
• 1 banana
• ¼ cup almonds (whole)
• ½ cup rolled oats 
• 1 cup plain yogurt

Post Workout Greens
Makes 4 servings:
• 1 apple
• 1 cup cucumber (peeled and chopped)
• 1 medium-sized avocado
• ⅓ cups cashews
• 1¾ cups spinach
• ⅔ cups water
• The juice of one lime
• 2 tbsp. agave syrup
• 1 cup almond milk

Like our smoothies, but have your own favorite? Share your recipes with us by emailing and we’ll repost our favorites! 


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