The Top 10 DONTs of 2021

The Top 10 DONTs of 2021
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Each year, we make impossible resolutions that set us up for failure.  What do we mean?

  • "I want to workout every day" - you won't, ditch it.
  • "I want to eat more vegetables" - you won't, ditch it.

Instead of setting resolutions like these, this year we're focusing on creating realistic healthy habits that are sustainable, attainable, and will help us reach our goals to make 2021 the best year yet. Here's our list of resolutions NOT to focus on, and the habit forming behaviors that we're replacing them with!

1. Don’t focus on working out every day

Start small instead and build from there! What days do you find yourself with some extra time during the week? Maybe you work on one day at the gym and one home workout per week to start, then slowly progress from there. Biting off more than you can chew right off the bat is a great way to set yourself up for failure, but small steps in the right direction can lead to big changes and gains!

2. Don’t do things you don’t like

There are more ways to get fit than we can count, so don't force yourself to do something that you don't enjoy. Hate running but love dancing? Join us for a ZUMBA class, but stay off the treadmill. By finding a way to move that you actually enjoy you'll be much more likely to stick with it.

3. Don’t be scared to try new things

Don't know what type of fitness you'll love yet? Try them all! The beauty of our VIP Elite and Premier membership options is that they include unlimited classes in multiple different formats! Try them all, then stick with the ones that you love. Feeling shy? Our  virtual classes are a great way to see what different formats are all about before committing to trying them in person!

4. Don’t worry about failing

At Fit Factory, we embrace failure. Why? Because if you never fail, were you really trying all that hard? Try new things, fail, learn, and grow. No ones perfect and we shouldn't expect ourselves or each other to be.

5. Don’t give up if you hit a speed bump

You'll miss workouts and you'll indulge a little too much some nights. Don't feel bad about it, punish yourself for it, or give up because of it. Life is all about balance! Embrace the speed bumps and just get back on track when you can. That doesn't mean doing extra cardio or "making up for it" in any way, just get back on track with your normal routine and move forward.

6. Don’t keep it to yourself 

You never know who you're inspiring! Sharing your journey can be a great way to keep yourself accountable, or to inspire other to ditch their resolutions and start creating healthy habits alongside you. 

7. Don’t try to do it alone

Fitness is always better with a friend. Find an accountability buddy that can help to keep you motivated, on track, and be by your side through it all!

8. Don’t strive for perfection 

No one's perfect, and you should never try to be! Try to make the small changes and choices that will help you to become a better version of yourself. You'd be surprised how much progress you'll make when you stop focusing on the impossible and start small.

9. Don’t fear food, fuel your body

Food is not the enemy. Read that again! To see and feel results, whatever your goals may be, you need to fuel your body properly. The right nutrition regimen looks different on everyone, but try to incorporate some form of protein, carb and fat into every meal as an east way to start. 

10. Don’t compare yourself

Have you ever heard that comparison is the thief of joy? It's true! You're the only you that there is, and that's something to celebrate! Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on looking back at where you started and appreciating how far you've come after incorporating these tips into your 2021!


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