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Celebrating Our Raffle Winner: Stephanie Craig

Usually, we use this day to celebrate a member success story—sharing their intentional lifestyle choices, fitness progress, and major milestones, along with the challenges and excuses they’ve faced during their health journey. But today, we’re doing something a little bit different…

...we’re celebrating a new member, Stephanie Craig, who won our grand opening raffle and will be joining us at our new Foxboro location!

Today, we’re taking the chance to get to know Stephanie and learn about her goals, her reasons for starting this new health journey, and what she’s most excited for at Fit Factory!




When Stephanie joined Fit Factory Foxboro during our pre-sale, she was ready to get back into a consistent workout routine. Although she’d been involved with gyms before, she’d let her healthy habits slip and was no longer exercising on a regular basis.

She knew that she needed a manageable exercise regimen and a smart diet program to get back on track. Her specific goals? To lose twenty pounds and make it into the gym at least three times every week.



Stephanie is no stranger to the world of healthy living. A few years ago, she lost 45 pounds, with the help of a diet program and a membership at her local Y that helped her get in her daily cardio sessions on the treadmill.

But we all know how difficult it is to maintain healthy habits, especially when life gets crazy. Within a single year, Stephanie faced a career transition, the passing of a loved one, and a big move. And, in order to focus on these important life events, she stopped working out and eventually gained back twenty pounds.

Now, Stephanie is ready to make her health a priority again, no matter what life throws her way.



Stephanie plans to use the same diet program she used before, which involves eating whole, unprocessed food, keeping a food diary, and skipping out on alcohol (except at major events).

In addition to cleaning up her diet, Stephanie plans to exercise at least three times a week. Since she’s not a morning person (we can relate!), she intends to make the most of open gym time during the afternoon or evenings. She also wants to get outside her comfort zone. “I want to be open-minded and try new things,” says Stephanie, and she’s considering trying a few of the classes offered at Fit Factory—maybe even spin classes, her husband’s favorite.

Stephanie knows it’s possible to make these changes...she’d done it before. “It’s never easy, but when you know it’s possible, that makes it a little bit easier.”



Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Stephanie! We’re so thrilled you’re joining the Fit Factory Family!


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