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The Secret To A Strong, Balanced Physique

Meet Olubiyi Ojo, one of our Fit Coaches at Fit Factory Braintree!

Our friends over at FlexIt Fitness did a quick Q& A with him - check out his tips for training chest!

Q: What is your go-to chest workout?

A: “Easy. Pushups on a Stability Ball. Why do I love this variation? It targets both the chest and core. It also allows you to build strong stabilizing upper body muscles. Usually when I perform this exercise I move at a slow tempo with the goal of hitting 12-20 reps per set. This exercise is a guaranteed chest burner and it should definitely be added into your workout routine.

Before progressing to this pushup variation, make sure that you are able to safely perform a traditional push-up in order to avoid injury! Good luck & enjoy!”

You can train with Olubiyi in our Braintree club, or virtually on the FlexIt Fitness Virtual Personal Training Platform.


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