Athlete Spotlight: Jamie  Moser

Check out Jamie's story, and some of the progress she's made since working with a Fit Coach!

Trainer Tip: Caragh Fane-Hervey

Any runners out there?
This weeks Trainer Tip from Fit Coach, Caragh, is for you!

Athlete of the Month: Ann Kelly

Check out Braintree CrossFit/F.F.I.T.'s April Athlete of the Month! Congrats to Ann Kelly!

Member Success Story: Maryjo Shanahan

Hear from one of our members about her love for Crossfit and her fitness success!

Member Success Story: Jen Langner

Today, we’re celebrating Jen’s decision to practice self-care by investing in her health and fitness. Let’s hear her story.

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month:  Ciro Moura

After losing 15 pounds on his own, he enlisted in our help in September 2016. He started at 215 pounds and now stands at 174!

Athlete of the Month: Christine

Christine has been a CrossFit Factory Wood Road athlete for just over a year now and has "caught the bug" according to her recent comments.

Athlete of the Month: Paul

Check out Braintree CrossFit's April Athlete of the Month! Congrats to Paul "Dr. Paul" Doucot!

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month: Phillip Pace

Phillip has lost 15 lbs and a total of 5 inches off his waist, chest, hips, and legs with a 1 inch gain in his arms - All in JUST 2 MONTHS of work!

Athlete of the Month: Taylor

Congratulations to Taylor for being awarded Kingston's CrossFit Athlete of the Month for March! Taylor's CrossFit Journey has been and continues to be a great one to watch!

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month:  Bob Symes

Check out Kingston's Personal Training Client of the Month! Bob never lets anything set him back. He pushes through every workout, no matter what Ashley throws at him!


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