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After a year of working out at home and following a low-carb diet, Melissa had made massive progress toward her fitness goals. She toned her abdominals, built up strength and improved her cardiovascular endruance.

Now, she was ready to tackle her next big goal: running in a 5k...and winning. Unfortunately, Melissa felt like she was hitting a plateau and she didn’t know how to take her fitness to the next level by herself.

“I was tired of my old workout routine and I didn’t have support or motivation from others.”

So, after signing up for a local 5k, Melissa also joined Fit Factory and began an intense exercise regimen that included strength training, interval training, and cardio.

Here’s how Melissa smashed through her health plateau, prepared for the big race and took her fitness to the next level.

My name is Melissa. I want to run and win a 5K by enhancing my fitness routine, improving my endurance, and building a healthy routine. However, I hit a plateau and needed help, accountability, and guidance to reach my goal.

  • Need Motivation
  • Half Marathon
  • Be Healthy


  • 5K to Half Marathon
  • Build Muscle and Tone
  • Cardiovascular (Endurance)
  • Don't Feel Motivated
  • Can't Find Time




Melissa wanted to get into the best shape of her life for the competition, so she knew she had to take her workout routine seriously and commit to rigorous training. She also knew that a nutritious, balanced diet would play a large role in her success.  

Melissa’s goals:

  • Practice strength training 2x each week

  • Attend an interval training class each week (work on mental toughness, endurance and agility)

  • Stay active in the evenings and on the weekends with trail running or cardio at Fit Factory

  • Eliminate refined sugars and processed meats from her diet

  • Eat five small protein-packed meals each day

  • Only one alcoholic drink each week

Upleveling her fitness and lifestyle wouldn’t be easy, but Melissa was committed to doing the work, chasing her goals and getting great results.


Melissa had started her fitness journey and lost weight through an at-home workout program, but she joined Fit Factory to get personal support and stay motivated. With the 5k on the horizon, she knew she needed help, accountability and guidance to reach her goal.

“I needed something new and I wanted a place where I could push myself.”

As she prepared for the 5k, Melissa knew that the larger Fit Factory community would keep her on track.

“Working out alone can feel isolating and it’s incredible to have a group of people cheering you on and pushing you forward.”

Plus, after the 5k, Melissa had her eyes set on an even bigger goal: running in the Boston Marathon.


When Melissa first started her new fitness plan, she found it difficult to increase the intensity and duration of her workouts.

“I’d started to get comfortable with my at-home workouts and I realized that I was slacking off and getting complacent.”

She started to attend group classes more often, because the energy of the group and the motivation of the coaches kept her engaged from beginning to end.

In order to prepare for the race, Melissa needed to complete trail runs every weekend, but she initially struggled to carve out the time for those workouts.

“At the beginning, I skipped a few of my runs, but then I started running with a friend from Fit Factory and that keeps me accountable.”



CARDIO: 3x / week
GROUP FIT: 1x / week
F.F.I.T: 1x / week



Melissa wanted an intense workout plan that would help her prepare for her 5k, increase overall strength and endurance and stay lean.  

She planned to run alone (either at home or at Fit Factory) a few times each week, but she also wanted to incorporate several group classes and strength training sessions in her weekly routine to keep her motivated, accountable and connected to other members who were taking their fitness seriously.

The workout plan:

  • Strength Training: 2x/week (a mix of weights, machines and bodyweight exercises)

  • Insanity or F.F.I.T Group Class: 2x/week

  • Cardio: 2x/week

Today, Melissa is six weeks into her three month preparation program and she’s not slowing down!

“It’s so motivating to have this community supporting me and cheering me on. And it’s even more motivating to see my results and progress each week!”

Good luck at the race, Melissa!


Fit Factory has built a community that is founded on Support and Accountability. It’s not enough to have you join our family - we won’t be satisfied until you’ve met and exceeded your fitness goals. Our coaches and staff are committed to building a relationship with each and every one of our members. Whether you need a pat on the back for a job well done or that extra push to get you passed a plateau, Fit Factory is with you every step of the way.


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