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For the last few years, Dylan had been wanting to get in shape and lose some extra weight, but after a few failed New Year’s resolutions and short-lived diets, he hadn’t made any progress.

But he finally turned to his family for motivation. Instead of focusing solely on his weight loss goals, he found motivation in wanting to set a healthy example for his kids and be a supportive partner to his wife, an avid runner.

“It was time to get off the couch and become the active father and partner I wanted to be.” 

With these goals in mind, Dylan decided it was finally time to kick his unhealthy habits, join Fit Factory and start working on his fitness.

I wanted to change my lifestyle by becoming more athletic, improving my body image, and building a healthy routine. However, I didn’t know where to start and I quickly lose interest.

  • My Upcoming Wedding

  • Lifestyle Change
  • Work out 4-5x each week (a mix of strength training, agility and cardio)

  • Lose one pound per week (total of 25 pounds)

  • Build lean muscle mass to 85% bodyweight

  • Decrease fat percentage to 12% bodyweight

  • Lack of Motivation
  • Fitness Plateau


Dylan had been an athlete throughout his high school and college years, so he knew the basics of strength training, nutrition and exercise. But he knew that taking action and staying committed wouldn’t be easy, even with all of his knowledge and experience.

“I didn’t want to fall off the bandwagon again, so I decided to join Fit Factory and set specific goals and checkpoints to keep me on track.”

Here were a few of Dylan’s goals:

  • Work out 4x each week (a mix of strength training, agility and cardio)

  • Lose one pound per week (total of 25 pounds)

  • Build lean muscle mass to 85% bodyweight

  • Decrease fat percentage to 12% bodyweight

With this set of clear goals, he knew he could stay motivated and focused...and start making progress on his fitness journey.


Dylan had been active and healthy for his entire childhood, but after he graduated from college and got his first desk job, his lifestyle became more sedentary.

“After sitting at work for eight hours, I’d get home and sit right down on the couch to watch TV and drink a couple of beers—I needed to turn my habits around, big time.”

Dylan wanted to be fit, active and healthy for the rest of his life, and he was ready to take steps towards change—starting with joining Fit Factory.

“I wanted to be healthy and set an example for my kids...but not at the expense of my kids. It was important to me to have that balance in my fitness routine.”

Even though he knew he could lift weights or take up running by himself, he wanted the community and camaraderie of a close-knit gym family. “Growing up playing sports, I always loved the team mentality and I knew that I could be successful if I had that again. I get bored working out alone and it’s motivating to have people pushing you forward and keeping you accountable.”


We all face obstacles on our personal fitness journeys—’cause let’s face it, making health changes is hard. Dylan struggled to align his new workout habits with improved nutrition in order to lose weight.

“I wanted to have a drink and eat dessert every night...and still lose weight. When the scale wasn’t budging, I realized that nothing would change unless my habits really changed.”

Now, he gives himself one cheat day a week and sticks to a clean diet the rest of the time. 

He also began to feel discouraged when he didn’t see dramatic physical changes right away.

“When I was working out and playing sports in college, I was used to lifting a certain amount of weight or seeing a certain amount of definition in my muscles. Two weeks in, I was frustrated that I wasn’t at that point yet.”

After checking in with a personal trainer, Dylan refocused on his timeline and long-term goals. This wasn’t about overnight success or instant progress—he was on a lifelong health journey and that would take time. 



CARDIO: 1x / week
GROUP FIT: 1x / week
F.F.I.T: 2x / week


Dylan knew he needed a varied exercise plan to keep him challenged, motivated, and engaged (while getting great results).

So, in order to build lean muscle, burn calories, and blast fat—without getting bored—Dylan fit several different workouts into his fitness schedule.

  • Strength Training: 2x/week

  • Group Fitness Class: 1x/week (Fit Cycle, Kickboxing and Abs, or Bootcamp)

  • CrossFit: 1x/week

He knew a full and varied schedule would keep him on track to reach his goals, and he also knew that his family would help him stay active on the weekend—with long bike rides, adventurous hikes, and trips to the community pool.

Now, Dylan is three months into his fitness journey, and he’s excited about his new lifestyle and fitness level. Even though he’s close to reaching his weight loss goal, Dylan has no plans to leave Fit Factory or quit his new fitness habits.

“This is part of my life now...and I’m not turning back. My whole family loves our new, active lifestyle, and that’s worth more than anything to me.”


Fit Factory has built a community that is founded on Support and Accountability. It’s not enough to have you join our family - we won’t be satisfied until you’ve met and exceeded your fitness goals. Our coaches and staff are committed to building a relationship with each and every one of our members. Whether you need a pat on the back for a job well done or that extra push to get you passed a plateau, Fit Factory is with you every step of the way.


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