Do I Need A Degree To Become An Online Nutrition Coach?

Do I Need A Degree To Become An Online Nutrition Coach?
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If you are keen on becoming an online nutrition coach, we say bravo! It only reaffirms your genuine concern for adequate health and wellness of people all over the world.

You understand that people do not take cognizance of what they consume. Their bodies have been troubled by ill-health as a result of unhealthy takeaway food and beverages they have been consuming. 

All this would call for a big change in the way people approach their nutrition and overall health.  Hence, this is where your decision to become an online nutrition coach would come from. 

There is no better way to reach billions of people in the world than the internet. About 4.5 billion people were active users of the internet in January 2020. That’s 59% of the world population. It means that offering an online service is quite beneficial to you and your potential clients.

Nutrition coaching is a relatively untapped professional. As much as many people realize the importance of proper nutrition, they think all they need to do is just ‘diet.’ Admittedly, it works short-term, but its long-term effectiveness isn’t guaranteed.

It means that your work as a nutrition coach is vital to educate and change the mindset of lots of people. Offering online services isn’t as popular as the physical one. Not many people are accustomed to online services, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it rewarding.

The big question people usually ask is if they need a degree to become an online nutrition coach. The answer is NO. However, it doesn’t mean you do not need to earn some qualifications before you can become an online nutrition coach.

Here are what you need to become an online nutrition coach. Also, you can learn how to stay physically and mentally fit during COVID-19.


1. Identify your nutrition coaching market

As much as the general advice is for you to niche down, it doesn’t apply to online nutrition coaching. As time goes on, you’ll discover that people have almost the same nutrition issues: they want to shed some fat, look tasty, and healthy.

Most people share the same cravings. Age and gender do not matter. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus on one type of client. It only narrows your chances of providing nutrition services to other people.

Instead, you should strategize on how to make your clients do more to achieve productive results. It is usual for you to have productive sessions with some clients than some others. 

Examining what makes them more successful might be the eye-opener you need to narrow down in the future.

During these tough times when most people are staying home, it gets really important to learn how to be physically active.

2. Get certified

We mentioned earlier that you do not need a degree before you can become a nutrition coach. However, it doesn’t mean that you do not need to earn any certification.

Nutrition coaching is a complex field that deals with the digestive part of humans and how foods provide energy. Therefore, you must undergo various forms of training that will enlighten you on how these parts operate and how you can aid good health.

Asides that, before a client can entrust you with his/her wellbeing, the client has to be sure that you are fit for such a sensitive task.

You can enroll in some nutrition classes online. They’re quite flexible, and you can attend to them in your spare time. You’ll be done in no time, and that makes you a certified nutrition coach who is ready to change the world, one client at a time.


3. Build your online presence 

The job title is ‘online nutrition coach’ because their services are 100% online. Before you can excel as an online nutrition coach, your online presence has to be topnotch.

You can’t just decide one day that you want to be an online nutrition coach. You might have earned certification, but without trust and relationship, you might as well just received a certificate for decoration.

The first thing to do is to identify where you can land clients. Certainly not Snapchat or Triller. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the best of the best options for you.

Facebook and Twitter are the best places to build an online community. The interactions you get there go a long way to make a long-lasting relationship with people. People get to know you and what service you offer when you build a community.

Instagram and YouTube are mainly for exposure and reach. Since they’re visual, viewers can see what you’re up to and have an idea of the type of service you’re rendering. Those who are interested will contact you, and that’s how you would land the client.

You need to prepare yourself for toxicity. When you realize that there are different sets of people on social media, you’d know that people’s opinions differ. Not everyone would appreciate your services and would try to deter you.

The onus is on you to develop a thick skin to get you through all the negativity.


4. Set up your online nutrition coaching business

The above is what you need to get ready for your clients. However, there are instances when you meet clients even before you are prepared.

What do you do then?

If it is a new business for you, the first thing to do is file relevant paperwork. It is to ensure you have legal jurisdiction to work as an online nutrition coach.

After that, you need to set up a bank account for your business. The account name should resonate with your business’s name. It’s your medium of receiving funds.

Furthermore, you need to set up a website. Your website needs to show the services you offer. You can embed a blog within your website. Your blog content should resonate with nutrition and its importance on the general wellbeing of humans.

You can include your social media links on your website. You’ll gain more followers through that.


5. Find clients

All the measures you take won’t be considered valid if you cannot find clients. Leverage your social media to gain more clients. Churn out contents that are educative and informative.

Also, you can reach a wider audience with promoted posts. Most social media have a platform for Ads. Make judicious use of them.

In a bid to curb unhealthy eating choices, most people learn the difference between natural and organic foods. These are great for when you are at the supermarket and wondering what healthy foods to buy.


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