Can I do CrossFit?

ANYONE can do CrossFit! We have full classes from beginners to competitors. How this is achieved is by our scaling system. Each movement we perform is scalable. If we are tackling a gymnastics movement, we can scale the movement to work the primary muscle group that we are initially focusing on for the workout. Take a weight lifting movement. We then can scale down the weight for static lifts (deadlift, bench press, squat) or replace a dynamic movement (snatch, clean and jerk) with a less, but effective dynamic weight lifting movement (overhead squat, hang clean). For conditioning movements we decrease the distance the athlete needs to travel such as running or rowing.

Which athlete are you?

Before contacting CrossFit Factory, there are two definitive paths an athlete must take.

Athlete 1:

I have done CrossFit before.

CrossFit Athlete Type Pro


Great! Your FIRST CLASS IS FREE! If an athlete has done CrossFit before, we do ask that you come in and meet a coach before trying out a class. This is to help us assist you with your training. Contact The CrossFit Factory Staff today!

Athlete 2:

I have not done CrossFit before.

CrossFit Athlete Type Beginner


Not a problem! New athletes are encouraged to sign up for fundamentals/beginner classes prior to jumping into regular CrossFit classes. By the end of the course all athletes will be able to jump into regular CrossFit classes. Any new athlete is more than welcome to contact our staff for a FREE 30-minute Orientation session before signing up.

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