Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan enters CrossFit Factory Collection Way, Kingston with a drive to share his passion for fitness and movement onto others! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, a CrossFit L1 Certification, an ISSA CFT certification, over 5 years experience of coaching both CrossFit and general fitness, and seminars in regard to Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, and more, Jacob can offer a lot to people of all different backgrounds. He loves working with and helping everyone, from general exercisers who want to look good in the mirror and workout for longevity, to fire breathing crossfit competitors, and even local athletes looking to get better at their respective sport(s).

While Jacob loves some hard physical work in the gym, his number one priority is getting his clients and athletes to “move correctly and safely, then add intensity.” He also understands greatly the mental aspects behind health and fitness as this has affected him in his own athletic and coaching career greatly. He believes “your mind controls your reality, so why not think of something positive?” Mobility and nutrition are just as important to our goals as our workouts, and Jacob is looking forward to applying his knowledge in both areas to our gym! When Jacob is not coaching, he is probably training for competitive CrossFit or somewhere eating!