10 Healthy Fat Foods To Include In Your Diet

10 Healthy Fat Foods To Include In Your Diet
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The uncontrolled consumption of fatty foods can lead to unhealthy weight gain. That’s the universal fact. 

But that doesn’t mean that all fat is unhealthy and should be avoided completely. Some fat is okay

Fat is a nutrient present in numerous foods and actually serves a purpose. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to fulfill certain functions, including absorbing specific nutrients. Consuming fats is a dietary necessity; thus, completely avoiding them isn’t the healthiest choice to make.  

There are food choices that contain the essential fats that your body needs. Those are the ones that you can eat without feeling guilty or gaining weight. Read about them here as this article lists ten healthy fat foods to include in your diet.

1.   Grass-fed beef

Typically, red meat provides healthy fats that help in improving heart health, reducing belly fat and cholesterol. However, grass-fed beef is discovered to be an even better source of healthy fats compared to the traditional one most of us eat.

A study by Nutrition Journal found that grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acid, stearic acid, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). All of those are healthy fats that aid the heart, reduce belly fat, and lower cholesterol.

Furthermore, grass-fed beef is also lower in unhealthy palmitic acid than conventionally raised beef. It also has fewer calories since it’s naturally leaner, making it one of the main dietary recommendations when consulting weight loss facilities.

2.   Whole eggs

It’s a common belief regarding eggs that the white part is the healthiest. However, various research discovered that the yolk also contains important nutrients.

The fat in egg yolks is mostly monounsaturated and is just worth 78 calories when hard-boiled. Also, the overall fat profile in them helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Egg yolk contains Vitamin C and choline, a B vitamin that supports liver, brain, nerve, and muscle functions. Thus, regularly eating the whole egg isn’t sinful at all. 

3.   Coconut

The oil from coconuts is a great dietary supplement. A study showed that including coconut oil in one’s diet can reduce abdominal fat, which helps in healthy weight loss.

Although coconut contains saturated fat, half of it comes from lauric acid, a unique medium-chain triglyceride that improves cholesterol levels and combats bacteria. It also increases the energy a person needs in a day.

4.   Avocado

Avocado is high in a monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid that has several benefits that include quieting feelings of hunger. Research also suggests that oleic acid has beneficial effects against inflammatory diseases.

Aside from healthy fat, avocado also contains protein and fiber. All of these contents make this fruit great for weight loss and a staple diet item.

5.   Fatty fish

Fatty fishes are high in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids good for the heart and brain. Recommended options include salmon, fresh tuna, sardines, and mackerel.

 When choosing which variant to buy, wild salmon is the healthiest choice for salmon. For mackerel, avoid the king mackerel because it’s high in mercury.

 As for how much to eat, two servings of fatty fish  a week is recommended.


6. Bacon

Bacon is a processed good, but it does have healthy fats. The full-fat pork bacon has monounsaturated fatty acids that are also good for the heart.

Of course, since it’s red meat and bacon, you should control how much you eat. Also, full-fat pork bacon is a better choice than turkey bacon because It contains less sodium. 2oz of turkey bacon has 1,900 milligrams of sodium while pork bacon contains around 1,300 milligrams of sodium.


7.   Cheese and other high-fat dairies

Cheese also contains fatty acids, among the abundant healthy nutrients it has. High-fat dairy products as such can also help lower the risk of diabetes.

 Full-fat cheese has protective effects that we need to avoid such health risks. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research, people who ate high-fat dairy products like full-fat cheese had a lower incidence of diabetes.

 Other high-fat dairy products you can consume include full-fat milk and yogurt. 


8.   Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains the highest percentage of pure cocoa butter, which has stearic acid. Stearic acid is a saturated fat that slows down digestion. In addition, dark chocolate also takes more time to process, which aids in delaying hunger

Besides weight loss, dark chocolate also contributes to detoxification. This is because it has antioxidants that fight free radicals and improve blood flow to the brain.


9.   Nuts and nut butter

Nuts have polyunsaturated fats that activate genes that reduce fat storage. So if you eat them regularly, you’re less likely to gain weight.

Walnuts and almonds are nuts that are good sources of healthy fats. Make sure to check the portion size on the nutrition label to see the serving suggestion.

 Apart from whole nuts , you can also add nut butter to your diet. Note that not all of them contain healthy fats, so you must check the label of the nut butter you’ll buy. Not all nut butters are created equal, so it is important to again check the nutrition label to see which types of fats are included.


10.Chia seeds

If you like seeds, then you should eat chia seeds. The fat they contain is mostly made of omega-3 fatty acids, and you can snack on them since they’re smaller in size.

 Dietary supplementation of chia seeds can relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and improve blood vessel health. It’s great for the heart and senior health issues.


Wrap up

These are just some of the food choices you have with healthy fats. If you see anything you like, you should try serving them for your next meal and see how you can incorporate them into your diet. Keep in mind to control servings and pick the best kind for each, and you can eat all the healthy fat you like.




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Though not a medical professional, Hodge Racter knows a lot about medical topics, including testosterone replacement therapy (having undergone the procedure himself). Today, he remains spry and energetic despite his age, and on his free days, he spends time with his wife and two dogs.



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