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Member Success Story: Josh Tenore

Our favorite day of the week is here—it’s time to share a member success story! At Fit Factory, we’re all about supporting our incredible members in their one-of-a-kind health journeys…

...and nothing makes us happier than getting a chance to celebrate healthy choices, new habits, and fitness milestones.  

Today, we’re celebrating Josh’s commitment to getting stronger, staying motivated, and finding community with Fit Factory CrossFit. Let’s hear his story.


Let’s get this straight first: when Josh joined Fit Factory, he wasn’t a CrossFit newbie. He’s been practicing CrossFit for over four years now, and he went to another gym for a while.

However, after taking a fitness break (happens to the best of us, am I right?), he joined Fit Factory at the recommendation of a friend. The class times fit well with his schedule, he loved the option of an all-in-one CrossFit & gym membership, and he’d heard that our coaches were super motivating.



After taking some time off from a consistent workout routine, Josh knew it was time to get back in shape. He wanted to build muscle and get stronger, and he knew that CrossFit worked for him and his body.

Previously, he’d tried working out at a gym by himself, but he found that it was hard to stay motivating and he wasn’t seeing results. “I love having a coach and community to push me...they keep me on track.” Can anyone else relate?



Josh freely admitted: he isn’t a morning workout guy. At his old gym, the only CrossFit option was early in the day, at a time that didn’t fit well into his schedule. Most of the time, he’d make excuses about being “too tired” and he found himself skipping a lot of workouts.

Now, he attends Fit Factory’s noon class, which is the perfect time for his schedule. He says it’s always a full class, and there’s “good energy” which pushes him to do his best.

Josh’s recommendation: find a group fitness class that aligns with your schedule and needs. Making it to the gym is hard enough—there’s no reason to make it harder by trying to get to a class that doesn’t fit well with your schedule!



After a few years, Josh has finally found the combination of exercise and diet that works for his lifestyle, fitness goals, and schedule. It didn’t come easy, but, in his own words, “I’ve gotten results, and that’s so makes you want to keep going.”

He loves the results he’s achieved through CrossFit practice, but he also loves the holistic aspect—it’s not just about weight or muscle. “There are so many things you can get better at and improve on, from different skills to greater strength.”

To support his consistent workout routine, he also eats clean. He sticks to a pretty simple, protein-heavy diet. “Basically, I eat lots of chicken and veggies,” he explains.

His final thoughts for anyone who hasn’t taken the leap into CrossFit? “You just have to give it a try. There are so many people of all ages and athletic abilities...and there are so many scaling options if you have injuries or anything holding you back. It’s the best.”


Thanks for sharing your story, Josh! We’re so thrilled that you’re part of the Fit Factory family!



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