Personal Training Success Story: Deanna Bruno

Deanna had always wanted to work with a personal trainer, check out what happened when she decided to join Fit Factory and get started!

Athlete Spotlight: Jamie  Moser

Check out Jamie's story, and some of the progress she's made since working with a Fit Coach!

Trainer Tip - Weightlifting for Weight Loss

One of our Foxboro trainers, Lindsey, shares the real reason that you're not losing the weight!

The Beginner's Guide To Fitness

Not sure where to start with your workout routine? Here's a simple break-down to help you find out what type of exercise is right for you and your goals.

Member Success Story: Cathy Merrill

Today, we’re celebrating Cathy’s choice to prioritize her fitness, pursue a healthy lifestyle, and stay strong in the face of a serious health issue. Let’s hear her story.

8 Reasons To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Today, we’re hearing from eight Fit Factory members—and they’re getting real about the motivations and goals that get them to the gym every single week. Let’s hear their stories!

Member Success Story: Stefania Fontes

Today, we’re celebrating Stefania’s success in prioritizing her health, making consistent workouts part of her weekly routine, and reaching her fitness goals after having a baby. Let’s hear her story.

Member Success Story: Brandon Dearth

Today, we’re celebrating Brandon’s drive and motivation in reaching his fitness goals with our personal training program. Let’s hear his story.

Member Success Story: Jen Langner

Today, we’re celebrating Jen’s decision to practice self-care by investing in her health and fitness. Let’s hear her story.

5 Reasons To Try CrossFit

CrossFit is a functional exercise program that mixes high-intensity cardio and strength exercises with aerobics and gymnastics. While CrossFit may seem intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, this workout regimen is popular for a reason.

The 3 Biggest CrossFit Myths

Do you feel like CrossFit isn't the right fit for you?? One of these three common myths could be keeping you from getting into the best shape of your life.

6 Reasons To Try a New Group Fitness Class

If you’re feeling stuck (or you just can’t seem to drop those last ten pounds), a new and challenging group fitness class could be the key to your next big breakthrough. Here are six reasons to try a group fitness class this week.

How To Reach Your Goals with a Personal Trainer

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to getting in shape, working with a personal trainer could be the key to reaching your goals and seeing results.

7 Ways To Get a Better Workout

Want to maximize your workout routine? Here are seven sure-fire ways to take your fitness to the next level.

Personal Trainers: How to Choose the Right One

5 factors to consider when choosing a personal trainer

Fit Coach Athlete of the Month: Phillip Pace

Phillip has lost 15 lbs and a total of 5 inches off his waist, chest, hips, and legs with a 1 inch gain in his arms - All in JUST 2 MONTHS of work!


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