How 3D Body Scanning Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

How 3D Body Scanning Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster
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How 3D Body Scanning Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

Body Mass Index (BMI) is being less used as a predictor of health. It is now seen more as a baseline for physicians to use to make a plan about your health. 

Now that the medical community is more educated about the different kinds of body and size distributions, there's a new way to track your fitness goals.

*Enter 3D body scanning.*

Being able to scan your entire body may sound futuristic, but we're here to tell you that that future is here now. And, it's the best tool that you have to reach fitness goals faster.

With 3D body scanning, you're going to be able to understand more about your body than ever before. If you're ready to learn more, keep reading.


How 3D Body Scanning Works

 3D body scanning is exactly what it sounds like. It's a scanner that can make a 3D image of your body.

Once the software takes a scan of your body, it can create a 3D view and generate measurements associated with the view.

Depending on the scanner that you use, it may come up with different measurements. However, most body scanners focus on calculating fitness-related measurements like body fat percentage.

The actual technology behind the software is based on triangles. Each 3D image is a collection of points that turn into triangular pieces of mesh. It can do this by looking for landmarks across the body and making measurements during the mapping phase. All you have to do is stand on or in front of the scanner.


The Benefits of 3D Body Scanning Software

 If you're apprehensive about new technologies, 3D body scanning may sound like something that belongs in sci-fi films. But, we assure you that this isn't about cloning yourself or finding your secret double.

Instead, it's about getting to know you: the real you.

3D body scanners can tell you more about your body than a mirror or a scale can. There are numerous benefits of 3D body scanning.


1. It Serves as a Visual Aid

Whether you're a visual learner or not, there's no denying how important visuals are. Seeing something with your own eyes is extremely effective in understanding and learning.

Body scans are no different.

Being able to see the distribution of your body in a 3D model will help you understand your body better. It may not seem very comforting to look at the details, but it's great for people who are looking to track results that are based on measurements.

 For example, you'll be able to get computer-calculated measures about your weight, height, and more. Rather than having to take out your bathroom scale to get the answer, you'll be able to get the right results on the scanner.

Seeing a 3D image of yourself will also make it easier to get a better picture of your composure. Looking into a mirror can be deceiving, especially when it's hard to see ourselves from all angles. With a 3D model, you'll be able to look at yourself as if you're another person.

With this insight, you can target specific areas of your body and see the changes happen before your eyes. You'll also be able to see improvement with your measurements.

 3D body scanning software can help you reach your fitness goals faster because it allows you to see concrete results. You don't have to wonder if your pants are a bit looser. You'll get specific numbers that will tell you about the progress you've made.


2. It Gives Additional Measurements

We mentioned a couple of the measurements that 3D body scanners can do, but we should mention those measurements that you probably don't consider at home. These are things like your arm circumference, thigh circumference, and body fat percentage.

Getting these kinds of body composition measurements is a little bit trickier, but they can tell you a lot about any progress that you may be making.

For example, you may be losing weight but notice that your pants are still tight. This may be because you're losing weight in your arms or your stomach. With measurements like arm circumference and waist circumference, you'd be able to tell this.

In response, you can target your workouts to hone in on the areas that you want to tone.

Then, after making this correction, you can see if you've made any progress towards your goal of making those pants a little looser. The 3D body scanning software can check your hip circumference and thigh circumference. It may also consider your body fat percentage.

 Overall, these measurements are great for people who want to know that the body-shaping workouts and habits they're doing are working. Rather than waiting to see dramatic results in the mirror, you could get immediate ones by taking measurements through the 3D scanner.

 If you're impatient or results-driven, 3D body scanning may be the perfect tool to motivate you.


3. It Provides Accountability

Some experts say that getting an accountability partner is the best way to get fit. However, a lot of people don't have one or don't want one. The process of redefining your daily habits can be strenuous, and many people go through this change alone.

Whether you have a friend or family member going through the transformation with you, you'll always have the 3D body scanner to hold your hand, too.

While it doesn't literally hold your hand, it does give users the sensation of having an accountability partner. You feel proud when you get closer to your goal and encouraged when you aren't getting the results you want. 

The scanner works as a measurement to tell you how close or how far you are from your goal. People who take regular measurements like this are more likely to stick to their habit changes.

Numbers don't lie.

 If your measurements are going in the opposite direction, the 3D body scanner will tell you just like an accountability partner would. It's there to remind you of your goals and encourage you to keep going.


4. It Goes Beyond Body Composition

A large part of fitness has to do with safety. Thankfully, 3D body scanning can take care of this, too.

 Chiropractors, general physicians, and other medical professionals have taken advantage of body scanning technology. When treating their patients, healthcare providers need all of the information that they can get. This includes clues about your body composition and composure.

 Even if you aren't overweight or obese, it's important to ensure that your body composition stays within healthy ranges. Individuals who have healthy weight can still have a high body fat percentage that puts them at risk for developing chronic conditions.

 3D body scanning technology can hone in on these details and give more information than vital signs can.

 When you go to the doctor's office, they will likely take your height, weight, blood pressure, and other vitals. However, all of this information can't tell the healthcare worker what the inside of your body looks like.

 While the 3D scanner can't make a model of your kidneys, it can tell your healthcare team a lot about the composition of the body around organs like the kidney.

 Considering important metrics like body fat percentage, weight distribution, and body type is crucial to make sure that health professionals are giving the best care to their patients. Without this kind of information, healthcare teams can't make an accurate assessment of your health status.


5. It Is Safe

One of the most popular characteristics to point out is that 3D body scanning isn't invasive. This means that it doesn't require any kind of poking or prodding into the body.

 Some fitness gurus are constantly wrapping measuring tapes around themselves or pinching their skin with a fat-measuring tool. Others are going under anesthesia to get information about their bodies.

 3D body scanning can change this. You don't have to do measurements on yourself every single day. These scans are meant to help you reach fitness goals faster without worrying about whether you weighed yourself before eating.

 All it is a quick scan.

 No poking. No prodding. No surgeries.

 We should also note that the scan isn't harmful in any way to the body. Likewise, there aren't any long-term mental implications from body mapping scans.

 Overall, 3D body scanning software is a safe alternative to many other fitness practices. It has also not been linked to orthorexia as other fitness practices have.


Reach Fitness Goals Faster With Body Scanning

 After reading all of this exciting information about 3D body scanning, it's likely that you're ready to hop into the trend. Whether you're looking to reach fitness goals faster or learn more about your body, 3D body scanning is the way to go. Interested in getting a 3D body scan? Talk with your doctor and they should be able to assist you! 








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