We exercise for all different reasons, one of which is to become stronger - this includes mentally! We’re thinking of brain power in a whole new way.

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The Positive Effects of Physical Activity For Students

It’s no secret that physical activity can improve an individual’s quality of life. From a place of reaching fitness goals to influencing your mental health, exercise benefits both the body and mind. Students are experiencing differences in education and now more than ever and we want to reaffirm just how important it is for students to keep moving - whether it is through strength training on the weight room floor, cardio in the Cycle or Group Fitness studio, getting focused in the Mind/Body studio, conditioning and high intensity interval training in an F.F.I.T. class, or one on one with a Fit Factory coach!

Reebok Boks reminds us that even the simple act of moving can benefit the mind. How so? Well, it increases blood flow to the brain, combats depression, makes brain signals more efficient and helps prevent cell damage.  

A healthy body builds a healthy mind. Hit the gym, then hit the books! Boost your mood, relieve stress, and make your brain stronger too! According to the CDC, students tend to perform better in school when they are physically active. Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels in students are associated with having better grades, improved school attendance, cognitive performance such as memory and concentration, and better classroom behaviors such as focus. Encouraging students to be physically active before and after school helps them identify activities they enjoy and might engage in long term. Physical activity can also benefit students by increasing their overall physical activity as well as improving their grades and test scores. 

There’s a reason we’re called a health club. It’s important that our members are getting what they need in the club to live a healthier, happier, and successful life outside of Fit Factory. Give your nearest Fit Factory a club a call or a click to learn more about how we are helping students get through the season & to unlock exclusive student offers!


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