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This Weeks Monday Motivation

Ever hear the saying "never miss a monday?"

While we agree that Monday workouts can be a great start to your week, that isn't necessarily the case for everyone. It is important to take fitness "rules" at face value and develop a routine and schedule that works best for YOU! Remember, if you hate what you're doing, it will be much harder to stay consistent and give your body the care and exercise that it deserves. 

Check out what one of our awesome Coaches from CrossFit Factory Braintree, Katie, had to say about Monday workouts, and breaking fitness "rules."

"NEVER MISS A MONDAY WORKOUT.... unless it doesn’t work with your schedule or is your preferred rest day. I understand why this mantra has been created in regards to working out. It sets the tone for the week and creates good habits.

For me, Monday’s work best as my rest day. There are no hard set rules for when you need to workout. You won’t gain weight if you skip Monday or eat after 7 PM. Finding what works best for you and what is going to allow you to create consistent habits is the true key to success.

What’s one fitness “rule” you break that actually helps you stay on track?"

Let us know what your favorite fitness rule to follow, or to break is! Share this post on social media, tag us, and add your comment! 


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