5 Fitness Tips For A Sustainable Fitness Routine

5 Fitness Tips For A Sustainable Fitness Routine
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One of our awesome members at Fit Factory Foxboro, lindsaymhanson, shared the five most important things that she's learned about fitness with us on Instagram yesterday and they were just too good to not pass on to all of you! Find her tips below with some added bonus comments from the Fit Factory team and be sure to share YOUR favorite tips with us too - who knows, you may just be our next guest contributor!

Our Top 5 Fitness Tips For A Sustainable Fitness Routine

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1️⃣ Drink water. Like, LOTS of water 😂

  • Everyone knows that staying hydrated is important - It fuels brain function, helps you regulate your body temperature, flushes out waste and more! But, how much do you REALLY need? The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that men drink at least 104 ounces of water per day, which is 13 cups. Women, on the other hand, are recommended to drink at least 72 ounces, which is 9 cups. While these are good ballpark numbers, your personal needs are determined by your age, gender, size, activity level, and geographical location. To get a more personalized idea of how much water you should be drinking each day, check out this awesome calculator from BodyBuilding.Com

2️⃣ Keep it simple.

  • You don’t need to follow some insanely strict diet or training program to reach your goals. Mindful eating and regular exercise can go a long way.

3️⃣ Stop comparing yourself to others.

  • Some fitness model’s six pack has literally nothing to do with your fitness journey (and pro tip: having a six pack won’t make you happy). Focus on your own progress 🙏🏼

4️⃣ Think long-term.

  • Don’t just hop on the next fad diet because someone told you they lost 20 lbs. (Hint: they’re probably going to gain it back) Find something that’s sustainable for YOU.

5️⃣ Be consistent.

  • Perfection is not the goal, so don’t get down on yourself if you fall “off track.” Focus on establishing habits that you can fall back on to stay consistent in the long run.

Bonus Tip #6: Carbs don’t make you fat 🥔🍏🥞🍕 

  • It is so important to view food as a source of fuel and it is true that eveything is okay in moderation. Cutting foods and food groups out of your diet is almost never a good idea unless suggested by a medical professional. Do your best to eat a well rounded diet and make good coices when you can, but also feel empowered to enjoy a slice of cake (or a few) at the company holiday party this year!


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