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How To Beat Boredom (And Get A Better Workout) out consistently is hard enough. But when you’re bored with your exercise routine, it’s even harder to stay committed to your fitness goals.

So, how do you know if you’ve fallen into a workout rut? You might dread going to the gym. You might start resenting your exercise schedule and making excuses for skipping workouts. You might find yourself zoning out during a workout, since you’re no longer engaged or challenged.

It’s normal to go through seasons during your fitness journey. Maybe you started your fitness journey as a runner, and now you’re an avid yogi. Maybe you’re a dedicated weight lifter, or you only practice CrossFit.

You’ll naturally gravitate towards types of exercise that you enjoy, but sometimes, after months or years of the same style of workout, it’s time for a change.

If you’re bored with your current workout routine, here are six ways to beat boredom, stay motivated, and get a better workout.




To stay healthy, prevent injuries, and get results faster, experts recommend cross-training—the practice of incorporating more than one type of exercise in your weekly routine. But cross-training has another great benefit: it’s hard to get bored with your workouts when you’re alternating between two or more different styles of exercise. So, if you’re tired of endless runs on the treadmill, try mixing in a kickboxing class or a CrossFit session.



If you’ve got a competitive side, it might be time to join a sports league, make some new friends, and get fit in the process. Search Facebook groups or for volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, or dodgeball teams in your area. Playing sports can be the perfect way to connect with new friends, let off some steam, and get out of a workout rut.  



Prefer to exercise alone? If you enjoy solo workouts, but you’re getting bored with your current routine, it might be time to schedule a personal training session. One of our personal trainers can help you reassess your goals, get focused on what you want to change, and create a customized workout plan just for you.



Exercising in a fully-equipped gym has some serious benefits, but sometimes it’s fun to get back to the basics and get outdoors. If you’re looking to reboot your fitness routine, find a way to work out and enjoy Mother Nature at the same time. In the winter, try ice skating or skiing, and in more mild weather, go for a run or tackle some hills on your bicycle.



If you’re struggling to find the motivation to work out alone, it might be time to find some likeminded friends to exercise with. Not sure how to connect with people who are into fitness? Well, you’re in the right place! Join one of our group fitness classes or start coming to CrossFit, and you’ll meet people in no time.



When you’re in the middle of a workout slump, you may need some external motivation to kickstart your commitment and get you back on track. Sign up for a 5k or a CrossFit competition, and use that deadline to motivate your workouts. Training for an event is the perfect incentive for staying committed to an intense workout routine, and it’s hard to be bored when you’re seeing results, making progress, and crushing your goals.



So, are you ready to get excited about fitness again? There’s no better time to try a new group fitness class, schedule a personal training session, or get your feet wet with CrossFit at Fit Factory!


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