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6 Things You Need To Know Before Attending Your First Group Fitness Class

If you’re thinking of trying kickboxing, Zumba, or CrossFit for the first time, you might be feeling a little bit intimidated. First of all...don’t be! We offer all of our various group fitness class options to serve the needs of our different members, and there’s an option for every personality, workout style, and fitness level.

Whether you want a high-energy cardio workout, an intense conditioning session, or a fast-paced blend of the two, there’s something out there that’s a perfect fit for you. (And feel free to reach out to us if you need help picking the right class.)

So, here are a few things to keep in mind before attending your first group fitness class. And whether you’re looking to find a new community, take your fitness to the next level, or just take a step outside your comfort zone, we think you’re going to have a blast!




I’ve been practicing yoga for a year now, but I still remember my first class—constantly sneaking glances at the people next to me to check my positions, constantly turning to my left side instead of my right side, constantly wondering how I was supposed to hold chaturanga dandasana for more than a tenth of a second.

And, you know what? I survived! And you’ll survive too! It helps to remember that every single person in class was once a beginner.

The woman across from you who’s lifting a million pounds? She was a beginner. The guy to your right who’s stepping into a handstand like gravity’s going out of style? He was a beginner. And today, it's your turn to be a beginner.



Feeling like your lungs are about to explode or your legs are going to collapse into a puddle? Step away for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and grab a sip of water.

It’s healthy to push yourself, but it’s also healthy to know your limits. And no one is going to think less of you for listening to your body, taking a moment to regroup, and then hitting it hard again!

Every time you need to take a break, just remind yourself that every time you show up to class, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to get stronger...and one day, you won’t need breaks at all!



It’s easy to feel self-conscious and awkward when you’re figuring out your first box jump, taking your first shot at the punching bag, or trying to master a new barre posture.

So, when you make your first (or tenth) mistake, remember that no one showed up to class to judge you, watch you, or critique you. And, for real, all of the other class members are too busy working on their own form to pay much attention to yours.

Keep your focus on your own progress, and let go of your own expectations and the expectations of others. We’re just here to sweat, struggle, and become the best versions of ourselves, right?!



The other people in your class? The ones who are effortlessly nailing the dance routine while you stumble in the back row? They’re here for the same reasons that you are: to get stronger, to get leaner, and to get better.

It’s hard to make lasting lifestyle changes, and it’s easy to feel isolated and alone in your fitness journey. But when you join a group fitness class, you get to share time and space with a group of humans who share some of the same priorities that you do...and that’s pretty awesome.

So, instead of getting trapped in comparing yourself to other people in your class, remember that you’re all on the same path. And they could become your new best friends...just say hi after class!



If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about anything, your coach is there for you. They’ve got tons of knowledge and experience, and they’re there to make sure that you get the most out of your class time.

Whether you need help figuring out a movement, advice on an injury modification, or a little bit of encouragement to try a new exercise, they’re available to help.



We might be biased, but...we think you’re going to love your first group fitness class. There’s something really special about the energy, community, and positive vibes in our high-energy classes, and everyone says that they always leave with a smile on the their face.

If you’re used to working out alone, you’re in for a treat! Get ready for an extra dose of accountability, energy, and motivation...and get ready to get addicted! :)


So, now that you’ve got all the insider secrets, it’s time to hit the gym for your first class! Click here to see a list of class options, times, and schedules.


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