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Why You'll See More Results Working Out With A Friend.

Everyone has different excuses for why they cannot make it to the gym during the week. Let's end that. Grab a friend that has the same problem. Establish workout days you will attend the gym together and get working out. Having a friend workout with you is beneficial in many ways. According to the CDC there are three main reasons why working out with a friend can be beneficial. 

  1. Feel More Motivated 
  2. Be More Adventurous
  3. Be More Consistent

When one person doesn't feel motivated, the other person will motivate you by encouraging you to step it up and work harder. A little friendly competition can make a difference! It is easier to try new things when you have someone by your side to hype you up. When you are too scared to use a machine, you'll have a friend with you to encourage you to feel more confident and even help you use the machine. You could teach them a thing or two as well... you are combating gym-timidation together! Having a workout buddy will keep you accountable - you won't want to let them down and they won't want to let you down. When you and your workout friend work together to achieve each other's goals you BOTH will feel accomplished. 

You might be wondering how to find the best workout buddy. Look for a workout buddy that will have common commitments and goals, someone who is positive and will motivate you to be a better version of yourself. It will be helpful to find someone who has a similar schedule. Talk to your close friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even make friends with others who are at the club when you are! Even if you typically prefer working out solo, switching it up could open new doors to your fitness journey from pushing yourself a little harder to learning different exercises or classes. Now, let's get FIT done together! 


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