Fit Factory isn’t a regular gym… we’re a cool gym.

Fit Factory isn’t a regular gym… we’re a cool gym.
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There are a lot of things to think about when you join a gym, which can be stressful and confusing… and nobody has time to research gyms all day. So we took the time to outline everything that you can get when you join a Fit Factory health club near you! From working on your fitness and fostering family time, to supporting every lifestyle need in between, we have some pretty cool amenities and club highlights that make us different from other health clubs.


We have a small group training program with a big community spirit!

Functional Fitness Interval Training (say that five times fast), known as F.F.I.T. is different from any exercise class you’ve taken before. Instead of intimidating exercises, this class focuses on movements that are applicable to your everyday life so that you can feel and move better! Our supportive community of F.F.I.T. athletes and coaches are here to support you no matter what the workout (and beyond) throws at you! At our new clubs, MyZone Heart Rate Monitors will be available for use during class so that you challenge yourself and focus on progress made towards your cardio-respiratory health.


We have over 50 group fitness classes every week at each Fit Factory location.

Our group classes take place in one of our four luxury boutique style studios including Group FIT, Mind/Body, Row and Ride. Classes are held everyday starting early in the morning to after dinner time in order to accommodate your busy schedules. Our Member Portal features an online booking process that allows you to reserve your spot up to 24-hours in advance, so you’ll never have to guess if you have a spot in class again.


Our Women’s Only Area has everything you need to get a workout in. 

Between figuring out what all the machines do and listening to Joe Schmoe grunt, working out on the weight floor can be pretty intimidating. According to Fitness Magazine, 65 percent of women avoid the gym due to anxiety about being judged. So we have a completely separate Women’s Only Area just for our female Fit Fam members! Each ladies’ fitness room features a squat rack, cardio equipment, free weights, universal cable machines, ab mats and more. No gym-timidation here - just gym-motivation!


Find your why, our Certified Personal Trainers will show you how!

Need a new exercise routine? Have a limitation you don’t know how to accommodate when working out? Or maybe just looking to revamp your motivation? Our Certified Personal Trainers are here to help (and to have some fun along the way too!). Each trainer will design a unique workout program tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our new clubs will also feature a device known as InBody - a professional body composition analyzer that is easy to use, but powerful enough to provide you with gold standard body composition analysis. Track your progress and stay accountable like you never have before!


Don’t call the babysitter! You can bring your kids with you!

Think that gym’s aren’t for children? Well you’re right - most gyms aren’t… except for at Fit Factory! We have an entire Kids’ Room that is dedicated to our Fit Fam families! Our trusted babysitters will watch over and play with your kids during your entire workout (though we have to warn you - parents have reported being forced to workout when they don’t feel like it due to their kid’s wanting to play at Fit Factory). The best part? This is an awesome way to lead by example and show your kids first hand how to live a healthy lifestyle!


TRXs, Sleds, Turfs - oh MY! There are endless ways to sweat with us.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is built to last and built to help you reach your goals! From treadmills and ellipticals, to rowers, bikes and stairmasters, you’ll never say “cardi-No” again. But it doesn’t stop with getting sweaty on our cardio machines. Our free weights go up to 100 pounds and include dumbbells, kettlebells as well as resistance bands and more! We even have a functional area featuring a sled and turf open to all members.


If we had a middle name, it’d probably be ‘Clean’.

Say ‘bye Felicia’ to equipment that is left sweaty and unwiped down. Our in-house janitors and third-party cleaning company work around the clock to make sure that your exercise conditions are sanitary and enjoyable. No one likes to get sick, so we do our very best to minimize any germs that might linger on equipment!


These are just the start of our luxury amenities at Fit Factory. We also offer perks such as towel service, multi-club access, hot infrared yoga, a sauna, free tanning, and guest privileges! Let us show you! Claim your free day pass and experience Fit Factory for yourself!


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