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Staying Fit on the Road

It’s hard enough to stay committed to your health and fitness goals at home. But it gets even harder when you’re out of your normal space—whether you’re on the road for work, away with your partner on vacation, or traveling to see family for the holidays.

When you’re away from home, you don’t have access to your go-to healthy living resources: your gym, your trainer, your well-stocked fridge. And if you’re traveling for a special event, it can be even more complicated...because you have every excuse in the world to ditch your clean eating plan and binge on indulgent food.

So, if you travel a lot for work (or have plans to be out of town for the holidays), here are a few ways to stay fit on the road and stay committed to your goals.




When you’re out of town and unable to make it to the gym at your normal time, take extra care to schedule your workouts in advance so that you don’t let the entire trip slip by without moving your body. For each day of your trip, plan to hit your hotel gym, do a simple bodyweight workout, or get outside for a run. Schedule the workouts in your phone, and commit to showing up for each exercise session—no excuses.



You might not be able to bring Fit Factory on the road with you, but packing a few simple healthy living resources can help you stay on track while you’re traveling. Pack your favorite workout clothes, a big water bottle for staying hydrated, and any supplements you use regularly. A few other ideas: bring vitamin C (to boost your immune system), a small notebook (for tracking your meals and workouts), protein powder (for simple breakfasts), and anything else that will help to keep you accountable during your travels.



A simple morning routine can set the tone for your day and keep you motivated while you’re traveling. Start your morning by drinking a big glass of water (with lemon, if available), making a quick protein shake (or some other healthy breakfast), and moving your body (even just for a few minutes). Then, review your health and fitness goals and remind yourself why you’re on this journey—and reflect on your goals every time you’re tempted to make unhealthy choices.



We’ve all got weaknesses. Maybe yours is chocolate. Or your grandma’s famous lasagna. Or late-night happy hour with your coworkers. Be aware of your personal cravings so that you can make smart choices while you’re on the road. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a special treat once in a while, but be aware and intentional in your decisions so that “one special treat” doesn’t turn into an entire week of unhealthy choices.



No one expects you to eat nothing but roasted asparagus and dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. And no one is asking you to turn down cake at your niece’s wedding. So, as you enter a busy season of festivities and events, approach your calendar with intention. When are you going to enjoy a planned cheat day, and when are you going to stick with your eating plan? Choose a few special events to enjoy and stay on track with your diet on most other days. Balance.



Keep these tips in mind next time you’re headed out of town, and you can look forward to returning home feeling energetic and healthy (instead of bloated and fatigued).



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