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Monday Motivation: The Secret To Staying Committed to Your Goals

The motivation that you feel at the beginning of a new exercise plan or diet doesn’t last forever. For a few days (or even a few weeks), you might be excited about hitting the gym at 6AM and packing salmon salad for lunch. But, after a while, the initial spark of your new health journey starts to wear off—and it starts to just feel hard.

You’re sick of saying no to your cravings. You’re sick of spending all your free time on meal prep. You’re sick of dragging yourself out of bed for your early morning workout (especially as mornings get darker).

So, when your motivation begins to slide, how do you stay consistent and keep pushing towards your goals?

Here are a few ways to maintain your motivation, stay committed to your goals, and stay on track for the long haul (so you can start seeing massive results).




If you’ve recently embarked on a new health journey, you might be mourning some of your old “normal” habits. Sleeping in (and skipping the gym). Grabbing a latte and a muffin on the way to work. Getting a few sodas from the vending machine without a second thought.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s time to recognize that those unhealthy habits aren’t your “normal” anymore. It’s time to claim your new healthy habits as your new normal routine. You’re choosing to make health and wellness part of your identity, and there are plenty of things to celebrate about that: post-exercise endorphins, food that makes your feel good, better sleep, etc.



When you really, really feel like skipping your evening CrossFit session and settling in at home with takeout pizza, take a minute to refocus. If you stay committed to your workout and diet, what type of results will you see in your body and your life? What results and benefits are you excited about?

Maybe it’s more energy for playing with your kids, fewer headaches and less fatigue, or the confidence to rock a strappy dress for your New Year’s party. Reflect on these future results, and the pizza will start to sound less appealing by the minute.



Sometimes looking to the future isn’t so positive. When you’re in the early stages of a healthy lifestyle change, it can be overwhelming to look forward—and to think about staying committed to your workout and diet for weeks (and months, and years) in order to reach your goal weight and then maintain your health.

That long-term dedication to your health choices can be pretty discouraging when you’re on week three and feeling like quitting.

So, our advice? Stop looking so far down the road. Take your health goals one day at a time. Get through today’s workout. Get through tomorrow without binging on the box or cookies in the pantry. Get through the weekend without finishing that case of beer. One day at a time.



Progress might come slowly at first. But slow and steady wins the race—for real. So, track your accomplishments and celebrate your progress (no matter how small). Mark that first week of completed workouts or those first five lost pounds with something special. And continue celebrating your progress and commitment as you take baby steps towards reaching your goals.

Need some ideas? Here’s an entire post about tracking your progress and celebrating your successes (without reaching for a box of chocolates).



With these strategies, you don’t have to worry about losing your motivation or falling of the health bandwagon (again). Keep pressing towards your goals—we’re rooting for you!


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