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Member Success Story: Maryjo Shanahan

Our favorite day of the week is here—it’s time to share a member success story! At Fit Factory, we’re all about supporting our incredible members in their one-of-a-kind health journeys…

...and nothing makes us happier than getting a chance to celebrate healthy choices, new habits, and fitness milestones.  

Today, we’re celebrating Maryjo’s success in changing her diet, making her health and fitness a priority, and falling in love with CrossFit. Let’s hear her story.




Maryjo had every reason to put her fitness on the back burner. With two children and a stressful career, she didn’t have a lot of extra time to dedicate to gym sessions, meal prep, or healthy living. But she was unhappy with her body and ready to get back in shape—and she knew that there’d never be an easy time to make her health a priority.

When Maryjo first joined Fit Factory, along with her husband, she wasn’t sure of the best way to maximize her results and reach her goals. “I was bored with the elliptical,” she said, “and I didn’t know what to do in the gym.” So, for the first few months, she worked out with a personal trainer who customized her workouts and helped her create a step-by-step plan.



Like most of us, Maryjo had a few different goals in mind when she joined Fit Factory. She wanted to lose some weight, “get super strong,” and become the strongest, healthiest version of herself.

On days when she doesn’t feel like going to the gym, she keeps her goals in mind and uses them as motivation to stay committed to her diet and exercise plan.



Maryjo knew that she would face excuses, obstacles, and challenges on her fitness journey. However, with some smart planning and intentional choices, she avoided a few common pitfalls.

First of all, she created accountability for herself by working out with a personal trainer (for the first few months) and now with our CrossFit coaches. “When I wasn’t working out with my trainers and coaches, it was easier not to go,” said Maryjo...but her scheduled workouts keep her on track.

Second, Maryjo found a workout that she loved. In the past, she’d gotten bored with basic cardio, and she wanted to find a type of exercise that she could get excited about.

At first, she was nervous about trying CrossFit, but her husband finally convinced her to give it a shot. “Now, I’m addicted!” Maryjo told us, “It’s more like a family in the CrossFit part of the gym, and I love having people to connect with.”



With Maryjo’s busy schedule and many responsibilities, she could’ve focused on her challenges or fallen back on old excuses. Instead, she’s stayed committed, kept her focus on her progress, and continued to pursue her health and fitness goals. She says it best: “I take care of myself, work hard, and believe all the pieces will come together for a stronger, healthier me.”

A few key components have played a part in Maryjo finding success and community at Fit Factory.

  • A strong community: Between her personal trainer, her coaches, and her friends from CrossFit, Maryjo knows that she has constant support and encouragement...even on the toughest days. Like she told us, “The support of group classes pushes you even if you can’t do as much as everyone else is doing’s all about your personal goals and abilities.”

  • A smart plan: Our CrossFit coaches worked with Maryjo to create a nutrition plan and personal workouts. “This keeps me on track when I’m not at the gym--we even take pictures of exercises so I know exactly what to do.” On top of that, Maryjo uses the Fit Factory Facebook page, app, and progress log to stay on top of her goals.



Thanks for sharing your story, Maryjo! We’re so thrilled for your success, and we’re glad you’re a part of the Fit Factory Family.



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