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7 Healthy Habits That You Can Practice Every Day

Exercise and diet are the most popular elements of a healthy lifestyle. We all know about the benefits of consistent workouts and clean eating—but those two components of healthy living aren’t the only things that matter.

Maybe you’re experiencing this in your own life right now. You’ve established consistent workout and diet habits, but you’re still not feeling healthy, vibrant, and energetic every day.   If that’s the case for you, it may be time to evaluate some other habits in your life.

While diet and exercise will help you lose weight and build muscle, other important habits will support your overall health and help you manage stress, balance your mood, sleep well, get rid of bloating, eliminate headaches, and feel more grounded.

So, here are seven habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine...so that you can boost your energy, lower your stress levels, and enjoy all the benefits of a holistic, healthy lifestyle.




We all face so much negativity every day—at work, in difficult relationships, and through our access to technology (a blessing and a curse!). Beginning each mood with a few moments of positivity can make all the difference in setting the tone for your day. Choose a simple ritual that works for you, whether you enjoy starting the day with meditation, journaling, prayer...or a dance party in the kitchen set to upbeat music.



Staying hydrated will help you fight headaches, sugar cravings, and fatigue—plus, it keeps your skin healthy and glowy. Drinking eight large glasses of water is a good rule of thumb, but make sure to get a little extra H20 if you’re drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, or completing an intense workout.



Getting outside to enjoy nature is good for your body and for your soul. Just twenty minutes of time spent outdoors can raise your vitamin D levels, give you a boost of energy, and help you gain a little bit of perspective. If you need some “me time,” take a long walk by yourself...and if you’re feeling social, invite along a friend, your partner, or your dog!



If you’re already working out on a consistent basis, that’s awesome. But it’s still healthy to keep moving throughout the day, especially if you work at a desk. Set a few reminders on your phone and use those moments to take a walk around the office, do a few quick yoga poses, or bust out a set of jumping jacks. Staying active through your entire day helps to boost your energy, brighten your mood, and make you more productive.



It’s normal to bring work stress into your personal life every once in a while—and sometimes it’s unavoidable. But it’s important to try to give your mind and body a break from the busyness of your work days. Create a simple ritual to help you make the daily transition from work mode to “play mode.” A few ideas: listen to a comedy podcast on your commute home, enjoy a hot cup of tea and a few minutes of silence, or light a candle and play your favorite song.



You’ve probably heard the sad news: the glow of your phone, your computer, and your tv interferes with the hormones that help you get a restful night of uninterrupted sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep (or staying asleep), be intentional about the hour before you turn in for the night. Skip that last Netflix episode, turn off your phone, and even dim the lights in your home to prepare for sleep.



Save yourself from morning stress by spending a few minutes each morning preparing for the next day. This will give you a calmer morning and keep your mind from racing in circles as you try to fall asleep. Pack your gym bag, write out your to-do list, prep a quick breakfast, or do whatever else you need to do to make your morning smooth and stress-free.



Practice adding these habits into your daily routine, one at a time, and see how they affect your mood, your energy, and your stress. Keep pursuing health, happiness, and the best version of yourself!


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