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Workout Booking Instructions

Following the Coronavirus outbreak we will be operating at a limited capacity. Immediately upon reopening, we will be allowing only 10% of normal capacity into the club at once. After the first week we will re-evaluate and potentially expand capacity limits to 25%. In order to adhere to these capacity restrictions, members will be required to book designated workout time-slots. Workouts can be booked a maximum of 24 hours ahead of time, and booking will remain open until the time slot fills or begins.

We will also be offering a limited number of Group Fitness Classes and F.F.I.T. classes, also with limited capacities. These can be booked in exchange for an open gym time to gain access to the gym - please do not book both a class slot and an open gym time slot.

Booking instructions are as follows:

Members can sign up for gym sessions on the Fit Factory app or through our Member Login Portal.

You may need to register for MyIClubOnline, or MICO, if you have not already done so. You'll need to make sure that you are registered through MICO before trying to sign in to the Fit Factory App (available via both the App Store and Google Play).

Once you've registered for MICO and opened the app click "Create An Account" at the bottom of the app homepage to create an account if you have not already done so.

Your app login and MICO login are separate entities.

Please note that you will need your membership barcode in order to register for the Fit Factory App.

Once you've registered and logged into the app select the "Class Sign In" Tile. Select the "General Open Gym"  or class time slot that you'd like to sign up for and the event details will populate.

Select the green ‘Book Now’ button.

NOTE: If there is no "book now" button the time slot is already full, or booking has not yet begun. Booking for a time slot will open two hours before it begins.


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