Extend the life of your workout leggings and gym-wear with these quick tips from Fit Factory.

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How to Keep Your Gym Leggings Brand New!

Ever had that one pair of leggings that you adored, only to have them ruined in the washing process?! Our Fit Fam completely understands. This is why we have researched some of the best tips for washing your workout leggings and gym wear. Here is what the research says:

1. Never hot, always cold.

While it is okay to wash your leggings in the washing machine, you can help to preserve the material and shape by using cold water as well as gentle cycle settings and detergent. Avoid fabric softener altogether as it can leave a film on the fabric which hinders its breathability and wicking functions!

2. The dryer is a no-no.

We all have that one article of clothing that we wore once, washed and then dried only to have the dryer completely ruin and shrink your brand new fashion statement (moment of silence for all clothes lost to the dryer). As we all know, heat from the dryer can shrink clothes, dull colors, and wear down material either in one swift cycle or overtime.

3. Wash darks together.

Okay let’s be real. Separating out all the lights versus darks and then doing a separate load for whites is just not realistic. However, washing all your dark clothes together can help to preserve the color of your garments, leggings included, as dye from the clothes are usually released during washes. It may be helpful to wash old and new, dark clothes together to keep older clothes looking fresh!

4. If you are feeling really fancy, use a mesh bag.

The experts have spoken. Putting your leggings in a mesh washing machine-safe bag can help to preserve them – especially those with mesh panels and detailed cutouts or designs. However, we totally recognize that this may require some extra effort, so feel free to wash leggings individually to be safe!


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